Successful Cases

“Yaware.TimeTracker has changed the way we look at workflow. Now the manager knows where the remote employee was, what they did and how much time they spent on it? We see when resources flow in the wrong direction and understand what to do with it.”
Tetyana Koval
Head of HR and Communications at Visotsky Inc. Kyiv
“Yaware works for the benefit of honest employees. 95% of employees, who we thought to be responsible, turned out to be so according to Yaware, and the other 5% started following their example. The program helps to control the “couch” office and transparently shows whether remote staff works or not. Yaware also helps us to calculate vacation, sick leaves, and overtime compensation.”
Leading Specialist in QMS Processes
“With Yaware, we got rid of Skype chatting about movies, kids, and news. The manager sees how often an employee interrupts work and resumes it, whether his work cycle is stable. The tracker helped us strengthen the company's weaknesses.”
Konstantin Tomashik
head of Zakupka
“We found out that one of employees spent 4 hours a day on personal affairs and another used our unique technology for outsource projects. Yaware.TimeTracker pointed out the moments that affected the company's security and efficiency.”
co-owner of a construction company
“I chose Yaware because of the user-friendly interface. In your personal account everything is visualized clearly and simply. You can find some statistics in just 2 clicks.”
Evgen Pinaev
System Administrator at BEST Leasing
“An important point is the moment of correct positioning and communication. We need to explain to people why we install the program, how to work with the system, what are the rules and regulations.”
Sergii Parubets
Head of the department of technical information security at Ukrgipromez
“We need a time tracker that requires the least effort to set up and administer. That's why Yaware is a balance between price and our goals.”
Vitalii Bodrov
Head of support, Rocket Delivery
"When it comes to using data from Yaware to improve efficiency, I use it to analyze work time and allocate tasks. Additionally, data from Yaware helps to identify the time spent on different tasks."
Project Manager
"Thanks to Yaware, our team's productivity has increased when working remotely. The interface is very intuitive, feedback from Yaware helps improve productivity, and our employees have given positive feedback about this product, and our fears turned out to be unfounded."
"It is important to me that Yaware provides the ability to analyze the performance and view the results of the affiliate program. Although the lack of detailed instructions can be a bit of a challenge at the beginning, overall I am satisfied."
Project Manager
"With Yaware, I was able to increase accountability and analyze systemic inefficiencies."
"In our company, employee discipline evaluation is based on Yaware data. This helps managers and Yaware to maintain discipline together."
"The main advantage of Yaware for me is productivity. There are some limitations, for example, it does not track the time spent on calls. This is because it does not track the background call, but instead tracks active window."
Head of department
"I am satisfied with the ability to monitor employees when there are a lot of them. It also helps to check their workload and working hours. My goals have changed and now the tracker has become a useful tool for the manager and in terms of evaluating revisions before payment."
"I rate Yaware 9 out of 10, it has become an indispensable tool for monitoring my team, especially in the post-covid period. It allows us to monitor employees even in a remote environment."
"In the conditions of quarantine restrictions, work performance assessment has become an important part of our business. Yaware provides us with the means to effectively monitor performance at remote workplaces."
Company CEO
"Monitoring employee activity is very important, and Yaware manages to do it perfectly. Using Toggle is not very convenient and often buggy. All this is favorably compensated by using Power BI for analysis."
"Overall, I'm happy with Yaware. The basic dashboard and ability to group apps is something I liked. I didn't encounter any major issues, although more detail would be helpful."
Office manager
"Now that more and more people are working from home, Yaware is becoming an extremely useful tool. I would recommend giving it a try. Further feature improvements will help make it even more valuable to businesses."
"For confusing situations, I use Yaware from time to time. I receive email reports and analyze user interfaces. A few features I often use are adding users (UX) and generating reports for shell analysis. I rate the functionality of Yaware at 8 out of 10."
"My purpose of using Yaware is to monitor the productivity of employees and control their working time, detect possible tardiness."