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Increase your productivity by 20% in the first month!
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Yaware is a simple and convenient TimeTracker for teams of any size and structure.

We will help when

Working time monitoring will give you an increase in productivity of 20% or more if you value the trust of employees and do not use toxic control
  • You need to track the time spent on specific tasks and projects
  • You need to report to your clients about the productive time used by your employees for client projects
  • You need to successfully manage specialists of different departments, with different schedules of work
  • You want to improve the working atmosphere in the team and know in time if someone is demotivated
  • You want to improve discipline without using policy-based controls
  • You want the team to work better and earn more!

Yaware.TimeTracker Best Features

Automatic time tracking

It gives you clear understanding how staff manage their time and how many hours each day they spend working on. All statistics are automatically included in the timesheet, which can be viewed or downloaded to a computer for further data processing.

Performance Analysis

You can see the actual workload on teams from analyzing resources the staff used during the day. From the objective side, you will see if there is really a need for additional staff or if your team can just increase its productivity.


Project and task management

The entire amount of planned work in one place: with deadlines responsible for implementation, budget and expected results. After closing the project, you will be able to calculate the cost of tasks, hours of work and assess how the result paid off the money spent / effort.

Personal statistics

Opportunity to educate self-motivated staff who do not need to be controlled. Employees will independently analyze their effectiveness, block distractions and spend 100% of their working time achieving the company's goals.

Discipline monitoring

You will understand the reasons if the deadline is not met, reduce the number of delays, revisions and requests “can I go earlier today”.

Many visual charts

You only need a few minutes to analyse employees working day. You can see working hours, when employee began and ended his work, lateness and so on.

Many other usefull functions

Task tracking
Activity levels
App & URL tracking
Online timesheets
Powerful API
Advanced reporting
Focus mode
Go through the reports wherever you are!

Desktop or email reports?

What about a handy mobile app?

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Yaware is concerned about the company and about the employee

Benefits for the Company
Benefits for the Company

Increase productivity

  • Transparent understanding of the efficiency of employees and whole company
  • Analysis if the achieved goals justify the money, time and human resources spent on them

Increase profits

  • Ability to generate more results with the same number of employees
  • Increase profits through proper organization of work
  • Identification, motivation and retention of key employees in the company
  • Evaluation of cooperation with remote staff and financial benefits of the “remote office”Transparent understanding of the efficiency of employees and whole company
 Benefits for the Employee
Benefits for the Employee

Higher earnings

  • Opportunity to work the same amount of time, but earn more
  • Reduction of unproductive working time

One task at a time

  • Reject an unproductive multitasking using the focus mode. Focus all your attention on solving one problem – and do it faster!

Transparent reporting

  • Real evidence of work done on a specific project or task
  • A fair assessment of the efforts made in the company and the result

Are you interested in our system, but worried that its implementation can cause too much pressure on employees?

We will explain to you how ethical, legal and friendly to use tracking for the good of the team.

Successful cases

Yaware.TimeTracker has helped increase productivity in different companies

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Make sure everyone in the company is moving toward common goals

You need a time tracker to see the workflows from the inside and build a transparent path to the result