Time Tracking Software for Consultants

Be sure to accurately track the time you spend on consulting and preparation for each client.

Get more done in a regular workday and be able to take on more clients for consultations without scaling up your team.

Try Yaware time tracker and see how easy it can be!

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Effortless time tracking for consultants

Implementing the Yaware time-tracker for consultants optimizes the work process and saves your time.

The Yaware system ensures an increase in work productivity and improved quality of customer service by:

  1. Helping to establish profitable and unprofitable projects that consume significantly more time and resources than what the client pays for.
  2. Allowing for analysis and planning of time for effective task execution.
  3. Providing the ability to store and analyze work history by project.
  4. Enabling tracking of time spent on specific tasks during consulting.
  5. Allowing for tracking of work productivity and efficiency, which helps identify and eliminate problem areas.
  6. Providing the ability to analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of consultants in the team.
  7. Assisting with managing work time and distributing it among different projects and clients.

Consulting time tracking tool features


Automatic tracking of consultant's time

Whether working on a computer to prepare tasks or meeting with a client offline, Yaware will track every working minute. You will be able to understand how much time you or other consultants actually work every day.


Simple and convenient project management

The “Projects and Tasks” section is a convenient alternative to standard task trackers. Unlike them, with the help of a consulting time tracker, you can not only manage a project, but also accurately and objectively track the time spent on each task.


Logged work history

Yaware logs all the websites, documents, and applications used during the working day and organizes them by type and time of use. This allows for a complete picture of the consultant's work day and analysis of the effectiveness of your work tools.


Increased productivity

Each website, program, or offline activity that takes up time is given a productive or unproductive status (by default or based on your settings). Find out how much resources are actually spent on achieving results and get rid of processes and tasks that only consume time.


Automated payroll calculation

You don't have to waste your time sitting with a calculator to figure out how much a client should pay for consulting hours. With the consultant time tracker, you can automatically calculate the consultant's compensation and provide the client with a transparent report of the time used for payment approval.


Various types of reports for in-depth analysis

Consultant time tracking software is a reliable assistant for team leaders and a tool for quick but focused analysis. Flexible report settings allow for a comprehensive and speedy overview of your team's state of affairs: productivity, workload balance, behavioral patterns of each team member.

How to use Yaware TimeTracker for consultants?



to become an administrator in the Yaware system. It's free and you don't need to enter any financial information



Add employees (if you work in a team) or install the consultant time tracker on your computer.



Adjust the settings: indicate the work schedule, enable various time-tracker functions.



Start tracking time and don't forget to review the reports!

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Yaware is not just a consulting time tracking software, it is a powerful productivity enhancement system that helps project managers get rid of micromanagement and employees – with work discipline issues.

Try the maximum capabilities of the Yaware system for 14 days absolutely free.