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Detailed features table


TimeManager Basic

TimeManager Full

Time Management Features
Fully Automated Real-Time Time Tracking
Automated Time Autocategorization
Detailed Timesheet and Payroll Report
General Efficiency Dashboard
Real-time Activity Report by Time Chart and Grid
Activity Time Trending Report
Employees and Teams Rating Report
Work Time Schedule Report
Summary of Current Activity (by Resource, by Employee) Report
Tracking the Time Spent on the Computer
Employee's Time Dashboard
Work Day Time In/Out Report
Idle Time Flexibility Management
Idle Time Report
Online/Offline Activity Report
Activities Summary Report
Team Productivity Structure and Dynamics Report
Team Idle and Online Structure and Dynamics Report
Employees and Teams Offline Activity Report
Automated and Manual Application Categorization
Individual and Team Group Application Categorization
Detailed Application Categorization Report
Used Applications and Sites Detailed Report
Auto Daily, Weekly, Monthly Reports on Email
Daily only
Additional Managers Access and Reporting
Webcam Snapshots
Workstations Multiplication for Employees
Archive Data, Reports and Logs Storage
1 year
Up to 2 weeks for Free
3 years
Intellectual Anti-Scam System
Antivirus and Firewall Systems Approval
Report Export to PDF, CSV, XLS
Project/Task Management Features
Detailed Time Management by Project and Task
Project and Task Management Dashboard
Visual Project and Task Time Planning
Project and Task Budgeting
Personal Time Request and Management
Quick Real-Time Notifications
Metrics to Optimize Resources, Investments, Manage Costs
Real-Time Summary of Time Utilization
Real-Time Summary of Resource Utilization
Real-Time Project Dashboard
Visual Report of Project/Task Burn Rate in Real-Time
Project & Task Costing Run Rate
Resources Used by Project & Task
Personal Time vs Project Time Report
Additional CRM and ERP Integration Support (ASANA, BITRIX,...)
Support Features
Email 24/7
Online chat and phone support

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