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The prices are for 1 license (employee). Get up to 20% discount when paying for a year subscription.
Productivity Growth
The best solution to increase productivity and build transparent cooperation in the company
  • 🚀 Includes "PRODUCTIVITY ANALYSIS" and:
  • New: Tracking the tasks
  • New: Focus mode
  • New: Goals and Alerts
  • Integration with CRM
  • Project budget management
  • - * In the development
Productivity Analysis
The ideal choice for understanding which activities predominate among employees
  • ⌚ Includes "AUTOMATED TIMESHEETS" and:
  • Focus Mode
  • Tracking the time spent on the computer + Productivity analysis
  • Screenshots and Webcam photos
  • Tracking the offline activities
  • A summary of the current activity
  • Chronometry of the working time of each employee / department
Automated Timesheets
A minimum of tools is required to keep track of working hours
  • Tracking the time spent on the computer
  • Control disorders (lateness, absences, early departures)
  • Automated timesheet
Enterprise Local Version
From 50 licenses

(purchase for a year or more)

Ready-made solution for companies that prioritize corporate security standards
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  • Includes all features
    of the SAAS solution
  • The data is stored on your own server
  • Your own data security standards
  • Flexible system of discounts when buying for long periods
  • All updates are included in the license price
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* Additional local taxes can be charged depending on your region and local laws

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Productivity Growth

Productivity Analysis

Automated Timesheets


Tracking the time spent on the computer
Internet and software monitoring
Productivity analysis of the time spent on the computer
Monitoring website sub-pages
Monitoring open / used documents and files
Tracking the offline activities
Meetings, breaks and others.
Manually adding offline activity
Webcam photos
Productivity Growth
Tracking the tasks
Planning of the working day
Focus Mode
Integration with CRM
Operational notifications: on the agent, PC or e-mail
Tips to increase productivity
Work Schedule Compliance (Lateness, Undertime, Overtime)

CSV/XLS export

CSV/XLS expor
Employee / Group Analysis
Activities summary
Real time activity
Time Trends (for Employee, Group, Company)
Time on Computer
Employees ratings
Used Applications and Sites
General report on e-mail: per day / week / month
For managers of groups/ departments
Access to work reports of subordinates
Reports on e-mail: per day / week / month
Quick notifications: on the agent, PC or e-mail
For Employees
Access to personal statistics
Reports on e-mail: per day / week / month
Quick notifications: on the agent, PC or e-mail
Tips to increase productivity
Subscription plan limits
from 50
Export data to PDF, CSV, XLS
to PDF only
*Data storage period, months
as you configure
Auto Categorization of applications and sites
Data storage
SAAS (cloud)
SAAS (cloud)
SAAS (cloud)
Your own server
- in the development
*Data storage period is guaranteed only with an active subscription. After the end of the subscription, all the data will be deleted after 30 days.

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Unlimited Upgrades

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Questions about payment

The most common questions how to pay for a subscription

1. Go to the YawareTimeTracker personal account.
2. In the upper right corner, select “Account settings”
3. Click the “Buy” tab. Choose a tariff plan, specify the number of users, the subscription period, as well as the convenient method of payment for you.

Yes, you can now pay for the required number of employees, such as 30 users. And if you want to use Yaware for 50 employees, you can buy another 20 licenses.

Also, licenses are not assigned to a specific user. You can remove employees and add new ones to collect statistics, but the total number of active users should not exceed the number of licenses paid.

No, only one tariff can be purchased for users of one account.

Free Automated Timesheet
Special offer for small companies and start-ups
  • Free TimeTracking
  • Internet and software monitoring
  • Automated Timesheet
Free plan