Local version of Yaware.TimeTracker Enterprise

Place the complete system on your server and take the data under your control
What is the local version?

Complete solution for accounting of working time, which can be worked with immediately after installation on the server

Who is it for?

Suitable for companies that prioritize maintaining corporate security standards

What will you get?

Monitoring the activity of employees to make the right leadership decisions

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Successful implementation examples

Learn how Yaware.TimeTracker has helped increase productivity across companies

Tetiana Koval
head of the company's personnel and communications department

Work efficiency increased by 30%

Yaware.TimeTracker has changed the way we look at workflows. Now the manager knows where the remote worker was, what he was doing and how much time he spent on it. We see when resources are going in the wrong direction and we understand what to do with it.

Leading Specialist in QMS Processes

Problem-free remote work

Yaware works for the benefit of conscientious workers. 95% of employees, who in our opinion were responsible, turned out to be according to Yaware, and the other 5% follow their example. The program helps to control the “home” office and transparently shows whether remote staff has worked or not.

Adaptation to the needs of your company

  • Fast deployment
  • Data migration for installation via MSI package
  • Free online support by a personal manager on an ongoing basis
  • Integration with Power BI and Google Data Studio
  • Available virtualization systems: VmWare, VmWare ESXi, HyperV, Proxmox and others

Technical requirements for implementing the local version


CPU: SSE 4.2 support, 2+ GHz (two or more cores)
RAM: 4 Gb or more
HDD(SSD): SSD 500 Gb for normal installation (1Tb SSD and more recommended)
Lan: 10/100/1000 Mb/s


ОS: Windows: XP, 7, 8, 8.1, Linux: Ubuntu, RedHat, OpenSUSE, CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Mint, MacOS: 10.6+
CPU: 1.5GHz (Dual-Core recommended)
HDD: 300Mb
Lan: 10/100/1000 Mb/s

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, 99% of our customers have remote workers. Because logs are collected manually, the main thing is that the computer on which Yaware is used, is connected to the Internet or traffic to it through a reverse proxy.
On average, 100 kb / screenshot, the same amount – a picture from a webcam. Assume that the program takes a screenshot every 5 minutes during the working day (9 hours). It turns out: 100 KB * 12 * 9 = 10.5 MB per day for 1 PC. Total graphics data – about 21 MB for one PC / day. Note that one employee may have multiple computers.
Your administrator will need to make Enterprise available in both offices for one IP, or we will deploy a server in one of the offices.
Yes, by using a “self-signed” server certificate, but the browser will warn that it is not valid.

Step-by-step instructions for implementing the local version

Registration for the test period
Appointment of those responsible for the implementation process
Installation and configuration of a virtual machine in the corporate network
Installing the program on employees' computers
Setting up a personal account
Collection and analysis of statistics

Full functionality of Yaware.TimeTracker on your server

With the local version, you will be sure that all data is completely under your control.