Yaware time tracking software for accountants

Is every day in your accounting office like a reporting period? No matter how many employees you have, it seems like there's never enough to handle all the tasks, isn’t it?

Optimize the processes in accounting and forget about missed deadlines and errors in reports with Yaware

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Friendly and accurate time tracker for accountants

Even workload for all employees, healthy work discipline that allows working without overtime hours, management that is not hovering during task execution – these are the benefits that can be achieved after implementing a time tracker.

Time tracking software for accountants is not a solution for total control, but rather a tool to assist employees and optimize work in the company.

  • The use of a time tracking system automates the monitoring of employees' working hours and calculates their salary automatically. It will simplify both the payroll process for your employees and invoicing clients, especially if your accountants provide consultations or serve clients as out-staff.
  • A time tracker can help track how much time is spent on each task, which can assist in evaluating work processes, identifying problem areas, and planning the workday.
  • The accounting department often deals with time-sensitive tasks, such as filing reports, taxation, and other documents. A time tracker can help keep track of how much time is left until the deadline and allow for planning the workday to meet the necessary requirements.

Accountants time tracking tool features


Automatic tracking of working hours

For both individual departments and all employees of the company, including remote employees, flexible or hybrid work teams. Planned vacations and unplanned absences, weekends, and overtime. Every minute spent towards achieving results will be accounted for.


Time tracking for projects and tasks

Create tasks for accountants in the Projects section, assign them to subordinates, and record the time during which the task is being performed. Task tracking helps organize daily work activities and eliminate emergencies.


Automatic calculation of salaries

based on recorded offline and online activities. Attach an objective report of work activity to the invoice for your services when billing your client.


Increase productivity

by eliminating unproductive tools, websites, and activities. Identify “productive” and “unproductive” tools and websites for each department or for the company as a whole, and analyze how much time is being wasted.


Reports for in-depth analysis

We provide 18 types of accurate reports, including real-time reporting, based on data collected every 15 minutes. Our time tracking software for accounting collects hardware and software data to eliminate errors in reports.


Focus mode

Helps employees concentrate on the most important documents that require full attention. One task at a time – this rule allows for the highest quality task completion.

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