Using Yaware in the Investment Business

Do you need accurate time tracking in your investment business?

We offer the most accurate solution!

Yaware will track the working hours of each of your employees and help your department achieve more every working day!

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Software for accounting of working hours in the field of investing

The main advantages of software for accounting of working hours in the field of infestation:

Work Time Optimization: Yaware will help your investment business track employee work time on various tasks, including market analysis, account management and customer interaction. This will allow the company to effectively allocate resources and focus on key tasks.

Performance analysis: With Yaware, your company will be able to identify the most productive employees and those who need additional training. This will improve the team and improve the quality of customer service.

Project evaluation: Yaware will provide the company with the ability to evaluate the effectiveness of various investment projects based on real data about the time spent on each project. This will help determine profitability and decide which projects to focus on.


How to start using Yaware TimeTracker in business for investment?



Register and install time tracking software on all devices used by team members. Once installed, it will automatically start tracking your time.



Create projects: In Yaware.TimeTracker, you can create projects and assign tasks to each project.



Start tracking time: Once you've created your projects and tasks, you can start tracking your time.



Review reports: Time tracker provides detailed reports on how you're spending your time. You can review these reports to identify areas where you can be more productive or where you're spending too much time.

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