Successful implementation of Yaware – Zakupka

Marketplace knows how to deal with unproductive employees is an online retail service visited by around 180,000 users every day. For more than 14 years, the project has been allowing customers to choose any product in one place: from agricultural machinery to the most commonly used everyday things.

Their mission is to make the sales process easier and the shopping more enjoyable. Let`s see what Konstantin Tomashik, the head of the company, says about the way employees learn to manage their time properly and be more productive.

Why did you decide to keep track of working hours?

«We were hiring more staff, so remote workers joined our teams. And we had a need in control over working time, because we realized that the success of the company depends on the productivity of staff. We started looking for a program that would answer the question: What does the remote staff do during working hours?»

How did you choose a time tracker?

«We paid attention to the fact that the program allows you to analyze the workflow and remove some weak spots. It is equally important that the service is easy to use and understand to both parties – the employee and the manager.»

We tested Crocotime, Inspectsystem, TimeDoctor, and Yaware TimeTracker. Some did not have a screenshot feature, others did not work directly on Linux, and the use of the Wine emulator negatively affected the stability of the program.

Constantine says that TimeDoctor and Yaware have identical functions, but the cost of the product and the savings for a large number of users were in favor of Yaware. Price for TimeDoctor starts at $ 9.99 / user per month, and for Yaware – from $ 3.

«If employees are against the time tracker, it is more likely their principled position on the work organization and relations with the employer, rather than a negative attitude towards the very fact of control.»


With Yaware.TimeTracker, a company knows the productivity of each employee or department according to their stack of tasks. This is important because an SMM manager, unlike a sales manager, can constantly work on social media and this will not be a violation.

With the help of the program we: 

  • we receive a list of websites and applications that were opened by the user during the working day, as well as data on the frequency and duration of their use  
  • we keep accurate records of working time;
  • evaluate the efficiency of trainees;
  • we get an understanding of the reasons for staff turnover.

The manager sees how often an employee interrupts the work and resumes it, whether his work cycle is stable or he is distracted by other things, constantly interrupting the process. This data helps to evaluate how productive that workflow is.

«The tracker encourages staff to be collected and use their time more efficiently, stop chatting on Skype about movies, children and news. In other words, time consumers are reduced when the employee knows that the work process is under control.»

“With Yaware, we got rid of Skype chatting about movies, kids, and news. The manager sees how often an employee interrupts work and resumes it, whether his work cycle is stable. The tracker helped us strengthen the company's weaknesses.”

Konstantin Tomashik
head of Zakupka