Yaware.TimeTracker shipbuilding time tracking program

Yaware proves to be an indispensable tool for companies specializing in shipbuilding and marine engineering.

Demands for accuracy, meeting deadlines and optimal use of resources are defining in this industry, and Yaware helps to achieve these goals.

13 yearson the market
40+ countriesof the world

Yaware is a convenient and accurate time tracker in the shipbuilding industry


What features you will get with Yaware:

Accurate Timekeeping: Time tracking is essential at every stage of shipbuilding. Yaware allows you to determine exactly how much time was spent on different types of work, such as design, production and testing.

Resource optimization: Resource management is an important component of marine engineering. Yaware helps optimize the use of manpower, materials and equipment, reducing unnecessary costs and ensuring efficient use of resources.

Project Progress Tracking: Marine engineering typically involves multi-phase projects with numerous tasks. Yaware allows you to track the progress of each stage, analyze the time spent on different phases, and adjust plans in time to achieve success.

How to start using Yaware?



Register now for a free trial period



Add employees' emails in your profile. The system will send them letters with a clear instruction how to install the program.



Setup basic settings. Specify work schedule and resources that you think are productive or unproductive. In the tariff “Performance Analysis” our system can recognize such resources, because it works with artificial intelligence.



Analyze the reports. It takes 15 minutes to view reports every day. The system is able to detect trends in employee behavior, provide ratings by workload or by level of work discipline and many other things

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