Successful implementation of Yaware – Construction company

The construction company fought the “fires” with Yaware.TimeTracker

Since 2011, the construction company has been working to build as many homes as possible: strong, soundproof and resistant to adverse weather conditions.

How did it all start? Why did you decide to introduce a time tracker?

Roman, co-owner of the company, says that they have been using Yaware since December 2020. Before that they analyzed the activity of staff with router: traffic, visiting unproductive sites. But it did not work. Therefore, they decided to find a tool to inform in detail what the staff is doing.

«We have noticed that the productivity of designers had dropped. Another problem of their department was the constant staff turnover. Therefore, the program was chosen exclusively for designers, considering the fact they usually work in Archicad and Autocad using two screens. But at the same time we decided to see what other departments are doing. »

Plus, there were periodical “fires” in the design department. Employees did not have time for something and the company bore losses. In all senses: from construction to office supplies.

Why did you choose Yaware?

«There were analogues. We tested Kickidler, but it's easier to negotiate with Yaware, easier to get technical support, and pay cashless.

Also, this is the simplest setup software. We had no trouble with the deployment of additional services for screenshots, to make some server part on our side.»


What has changed in the company after the introduction of the tracker?

«We found an employee who spent 4 hours a day on various nonsense, and for the designer it is a great waste of time. It is clear that there are breaks, we are not a harsh company and do not limit staff. 5-6 hours of productive work is normal for us. »

Yaware.TimeTracker pointed out the moments that affected the company's image. It turned out that the employee used technologies that are unique in his side job. He also posted company’s projects in his Facebook portfolio.

«It was with Yaware when we saw a lot of people hanging in Facebook and Gmail. Why so, if corporate communication is in the Telegram?»

Roman says that the company has been using an access control system for a long time. They check when a person comes and goes from the office, how often they leave the workplace, takes smoke break.

«ACS is a control tool, but with Yaware “fires” have become less frequent. We saw that good designers really don't have time and work a lot, so we outsourced some of their responsibilities. »‎‎

Thanks to Yaware, managers have seen the nuances not only in the work of staff, but also found what has to be improved by the company. We understood that workers may not really have time, and before that there was a vague understanding of how much time it takes staff to design something.


What problems did the tracker solve?

  • unproductive workers
  • information leaks and dishonesty of staff
  • improper load distribution within the company

Which reports are most useful?

  • summary of activities
  • employee analysis
  • used applications

«Colleagues check subordinates using mobile app in real time. I personally use a PC. If the general indicators are normal, we do not look at personal reports any more. We understand that the guys just don't have enough time.»

“We found out that one of employees spent 4 hours a day on personal affairs and another used our unique technology for outsource projects. Yaware.TimeTracker pointed out the moments that affected the company's security and efficiency.”

co-owner of a construction company