Tracking of working hours in the banking sector

Thanks to Yaware, banks can optimize internal work processes and ensure more efficient management of employees' time.

Regardless of the scope and specifics of the work, banks experience significant benefits from the implementation of this innovative platform.

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Advantages of using Yaware in the banking sector

With YawareTimetracker you will be able to:

Optimize working time: Yaware helps track the working time of various bank employees, from the credit department to the analytical department. This allows the bank to identify the most productive and ineffective work processes and make appropriate adjustments.

Monitor productivity: with the help of Yaware, the bank is able to analyze the productivity of employees in real time. This allows early detection of delays and malfunctions, as well as identifying the most productive approaches to work.

Analyze work tasks: Yaware helps the bank to determine the complexity and time consumption of various tasks. This helps balance workloads and optimize resources.


How to start using Yaware time tracker in the banking sector





Download the app on your computer



Set up your account, create projects. Launch the app and start working.



Analyze your productivity and efficiency with reports.

Successful case studies

Hundreds of our clients have been able to increase their employees' productivity by 20% or more. Here are a few of their stories.

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