Successful implementation of Yaware – Development company

How does development company use a time tracker for the good of hardworking employees?

The pandemic has changed business, especially the way processes are organized in large companies. We discussed this and the decision to use a time tracker with Igor Bespalov, a leading quality management system specialist at development company.

development company develops comprehensive solutions for banks, e-commerce, and stock exchanges. In 27 years on the market, they have become IT partners with companies where reliability and security come first.

Why did you install the Enterprise version of the time tracker in development company?

«When in May 2020 we decided to work remotely, we realized that the “couch” office must be controlled somehow.

Some people call time trackers ‘an evil’. On the other hand, drugs from the difference between the cure and the poison is in the dose. Therefore, if there are things that reassure managers – then large companies can afford them. It's Yaware that gives us that peace of mind.»

Why did you choose Yaware.TimeTracker? 

«We did not come to you immediately. Because when the initial decision was made to control remote work, the wrong product was chosen due to the urgency of the situation. You never know until you try.»

Igor says that Kickidler played an important role in launching remote work, but comparison with Yaware shows the undeniable advantages of the latter.

  • Kickidler is very cumbersome and loses to Yaware in terms of usability;
  • In Yaware, a report on the productivity of 350 employees is generated in a couple of seconds, and in Kickidler it took an hour to analyze one person's statistics; 
  • Kickidler is memory-hungry while Yaware is a “light” background software. It does not prevent people from performing their usual activities.

«I would rate Yaware 9/10 and Kickidler 4/10. Obviously, in December 2020, we completely abandoned the former product and we`re very happy about it.»

How does a time tracker work for the good of hardworking employees?

In a large company, the leader does not know everything. But the loyal worker is aware that his colleague is underworking, and does not report because he may feel guilty about it. But, he sees it, it demotivates him and it spreads among others like rot in apples. Unscrupulous employees infect other team members with their dishonesty.

According to Igor, the sooner you make a decision that will strengthen your team, the better. development company made sure that honest employees work equally well in the office and at home. According to statistics, 95% of subordinates whom Igor perceived as responsible turned out to be that way. And the other 5% have to follow their example.

Now, we clearly understand whether the remote employee works or not. If a person is on vacation or sick leave, we calculate the payment compensation according to the time tracker, as well as bonuses for overtime. 

Why should companies use a time tracker? 

«Not just companies. I would recommend the program even for personal use. It is easy to distract anyone, and if there are mechanisms that return us to work, to a professional state – why not use them?» 

At this difficult time, you need to optimize resources and a time tracker helps with it. It goes without saying that control is a necessary thing, but not the only thing needed. In development company time tracker data is not considered the only thing when it comes to decision making. Managers take the information into account but do not follow it blindly.

«This software is not used for watching someone. Therefore, employees need to calm down, because no one controls them. In our company, to supervise 700 employees, we`d have to hire 30 people to supervise. Plus one more to manage those who manage.» 

One employee said: “It's a pity the time tracker doesn't take into account when I'm solving customers` problems on the phone in the subway» 

Behind these words is the desire to make cooperation transparent, and that's great. That's why companies need a time tracker.

“Yaware works for the benefit of honest employees.
95% of employees, who we thought to be responsible, turned out to be so according to Yaware, and the other 5% started following their example.

The program helps to control the “couch” office and transparently shows whether remote staff works or not. Yaware also helps us to calculate vacation, sick leaves, and overtime compensation.

Leading Specialist in QMS Processes