Increasing the efficiency of the marketing agency with Yaware

In the competitive world of marketing, it's important to keep track of projects and campaigns. Ready to maximize your team's performance and exceed customer expectations? Then you have found the right tool.

Yaware offers an effective solution built specifically for marketing agencies that will benefit both your team and clients.

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Using YawareTimetracker in a marketing agency

Advantages of using Yaware:

Accurate time tracking: With Yaware, a marketing agency can track the time spent on various projects and tasks. This helps identify, for example, that creative design tasks are taking longer than expected and improve resource allocation and project planning.

Resource Optimization: Using Yaware's time-spent data, a marketing agency can allocate resources more efficiently. You may find, for example, that some team members are under-loaded with tasks, and this allows you to redistribute tasks and improve the productivity of the entire team.


The main functions of the time tracker program in a marketing agency


Increasing efficiency

The time tracker records every working minute and displays reliable data – an objective picture of an employee's working day, which takes into account both computer work and offline meetings, meetings, reports or calls (if necessary).


Built-in task manager

Manage projects for different clients, set tasks and keep an objective record of working time spent on each task. In addition, the history of its execution will be saved in the task: which sites or programs were used, which documents were opened.


A lot of reports

We have 18 types of reports for you that will satisfy your needs for analytics of work processes within the team and display the performance of both individual employees and teams, departments or branches.


Productive and non-productive sites and applications

Youtube and Facebook may be working tools for a marketer, but not an accountant, agree? Check the settings of desired and unwanted programs and resources for different departments – and get rid of unproductive waste of time in your company, because now it will be impossible to hide the fate of unwanted actions and sites in the picture of the working day!

How to start using Yaware in a marketing agency?



You can sign up on our website and choose a pricing plan that suits your needs.



Set up monitoring software on all devices

Yaware can be installed on all devices used by your employees, including laptops and desktops. Once installed, Yaware will start monitoring employee activity automatically.



Configure settings

You can configure Yaware settings to capture the data you need, such as the websites and apps used by employees, the amount of time spent on each task, and more.



View employee activity data

Time tracking software provides real-time data on employee activity, including time spent on various tasks, websites visited, and more. You can view this data in the dashboard.

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Want to start using Yaware.TimeTracker?

Moreover, Yaware offers 14 days of free use of the program so that you can experience its functionality to the fullest!