Successful implementation of Yaware – Best leasing

How does Best leasing get transparent reports in 2 clicks?

These days anyone who wants to own a car can easily afford it. For 15 years Best leasing has been giving customers the opportunity to get any vehicle, from a car to an agricultural machinery, by gradually making payments and buying a vehicle from the company.

We talked to Evgeny Pinarev, system administrator at Best leasing, about the benefits Yaware.TimeTracker Enterprise brings to the company and what has changed since the introduction of the program.

How did it all start?

“I’ve been entrusted with the search and selection of time tracking software. I considered several options, choosing between Yaware and Kickidler.”

Eugene was fully responsible for testing, installation and implementation of the program. He was also appointed administrator of the future service. Therefore, he was looking for software that is simple for himself and for the user. The visual component – how it works, how it looks and how it is perceived – has become a key factor.

“I chose Yaware because of the user-friendly interface. In your personal account everything is visualized clearly and simply. You can find some statistics in just 2 clicks.”

How did employees react to the introduction of the time tracker?

It is rare for staff to be happy with a time monitoring program. But when employees got used Yaware.TimeTracke they appreciated its benefits.

“The onboarding process itself helped the employees understand that the time tracker is not so scary.
Now it is easier for them to report to management. In a week you won’t remember what you did last Tuesday, and so you open the time tracker and show: here, I was doing something. For responsible workers this is very, very useful.

What has changed in the company after the introduction of the time tracker?

“Managers noticed an increase in productivity because employees understood that the time tracker is working, the manager is watching. This means that work must be done on time. Previously, staff could miss deadlines and say, “I was doing this, but I was distracted by this.” Now, with a time tracker, everything can be tracked.”

Also, Evgeny noted 3 main changes that occurred at Best leasing since May 27, 2021 (the time they introduced the boxed version of Yaware.TimeTracker):
Top management easily delegates monitoring work of different departments to lower managers. Department managers simply log into their personal accounts and see the employees statistics. This made the relationship between the employee and the manager more transparent.

Another positive point is that users now clearly show the manager what they were doing, how much time they spent on a project or working on some task.
Employees use Yaware.TimeTracker for themselves. They look in the reports to see what time they spent completing this or that task to allocate more or less time for it in the future.

What advice would you give to people who are thinking of implementing time tracker?

“I advise you to use Yaware.TimeTracker. The product helps both the manager and the employee. It helps people who do not know how to manage their time, and even those who can, gives them detailed information on how they spend their time.” 

“I chose Yaware because of the user-friendly interface. In your personal account everything is visualized clearly and simply. You can find some statistics in just 2 clicks”
Evgen Pinaev
System Administrator at BEST Leasing