Time Tracking Software for Retail

Are you concerned about losing revenue in your retail business? One common source of revenue leaks is the mismanagement of employee time and attendance.

Fortunately, there's an easy solution to this problem – time tracking software.

Join Yaware now and experience our convenient productivity monitoring system for retail employees free for 14 days!

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Control revenue leaks with time tracking software for retailers

Yaware was developed taking into account users' experience in various industries, including retail. Use Yaware on employee workstations as the first line of defense, for example, in goods delivery centers, as well as in other departments such as accounting, administrative, legal, procurement, wholesale customer management, and more.

Working time of any employee who spends the majority of their workday at a computer can be tracked and analyzed using Yaware.

Key Benefits of Time Tracking Software for Retail Businesses

Manage and optimize employee schedules:

  1. Reduce labor costs
  2. Improve customer service
  3. Accurately track hours worked and tasks completed
  4. Better allocate resources
  5. Ensure compliance with labor laws
  6. Identify areas for improvement in operations
  7. Provide real-time insights
  8. Automate timekeeping
  9. Streamline payroll processing
  10. Minimize errors
  11. Enhance overall productivity in the retail industry.
Time tracking software is essential for retail businesses to manage and optimize employee schedules, reduce labor costs, and improve customer service.

Don't let revenue leaks hurt your business. Yaware will save your time and increase the effectiveness of your management day by day.

The key features of Yaware time tracking software for retail:


Employee Time Tracking

Yaware's software tracks employee hours worked, including break times and offline-activities, and provides you with real-time data on employee productivity.


Projects and Tasks

Yaware has a built-in simple task manager. Easily create projects and tasks, assign team members, and analyze how time and resources are being used during task completion.


Productivity Monitoring

Assign certain programs and resources the status of “productive” (necessary for work) and “unproductive” (undesirable during work hours). Employees will be able to see how much time is spent on unproductive resources and break the habit of using them during the workday.


Focus Mode

Helps boost productivity by blocking distracting websites and applications during work hours. This allows employees to stay on task and minimize interruptions, leading to improved time management and better overall performance.


Automated Payroll

With Yaware, you can automate payroll processing and eliminate the need for manual time tracking and calculations.


Customizable Reporting

Yaware software provides 18 customizable reports that allow you to see how your employees are spending their time and identify areas for improvement.

How to use Yaware TimeTracker for retail



You can sign up for a free trial on our website, which will give you access to all of our features for 14 days



Invite your employees to join

You can set up individual user accounts for each employee.



Customize Your Settings

Yaware TimeTracker is highly customizable, so you can set up the software to work the way you want it to. Customize settings such as tracking modes, activity categories, and user roles.



Start Tracking Time

Once your account is set up, your employees can start tracking their time and activities. The software will automatically record data on employee productivity and provide you with real-time reports and analytics.

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With Yaware TimeTracker, you can streamline your time and attendance tracking, improve employee productivity, and identify areas for improvement in your operations. Give it a try and see the difference it can make for your retail business.
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