Version History

Updates in version of web-service 2.99.007

June 16, 2022
Web service:
1. Meet new function “Goals and Alerts
3. Improved information display on the Demo version
4. Improved account cabinet
5. Fixed incorrect information in the “Activities Summary”
6. Fixed PDF export in the “Offline Activities Report”

Yaware client:
1. Optimized work on Windows 11

Updates in version of web-service 2.99.004

December 30, 2021
Web service:
1. Added new monitoring types for the “Monitoring Settings” section
2. An extended list of titles for used programs has been added to the activity report
3. Added an interactive tour with tips to help with the service

Yaware client:
1. Optimized Yaware client speed

Updates in version of web-service 2.99.002

December 7, 2020
1. Added focus mode for more productive work
2. Increased security of the service
3. Added quick settings wizard after registration

Updates in version of web-service 2.99.001

Meet new mobile application for Android and iOS

July 05, 2020
1. The employee report now displays the selected user
2. Fixed discrepancy between offline time on dashboard and tooltip
3. Fixed manager assignment for imported groups
4. Improved grid on the “Used programs and sites” page
5. Added the ability to filter projects by groups
6. Fixed operation on filters on the first and last activity

1. Improved work with projects and tasks

Updates in version of web-service 2.98:

March 11, 2020
1. Fixed hints on registration forms
2. Improved user spreadsheet management
3. Work with project tables improved
4. Fixed a bug with the data in the monthly email to the user
5. Fixed incorrect budget display on some projects

Updates in version of web-service 2.97:

October 02, 2019
1. Fixed display of time on tasks
2. Fixed time tracking for two simultaneous tasks
3. Fixed links in daily reports
4. Changing the mechanism of work with managers

Updates in versions of web-service 2.95:

July 27, 2019
1. A new, more efficient screensaver
2. Improved work with API

Updates in version of web-service 2.94:

5 May 2019
1. Fixed bugs in user settings
2. A new method of resizing screenshots
3. The tariff plan for registration from social networks has been corrected
4. Number of licenses fixed in affiliate office

Yaware Client:

1. Improved agent task editing

Updates in versions of web-service 2.65

July 23, 2016

Web Service:

  1. Optimized the work of local version of Yaware.TimeTracker – Yaware.TimeTracker Enterprise.
  2. Accelerate and optimize the export data in csv, xls formats.
  3. Changes in the top navigation menu.
  4. Improved the report by the applications: added the ability to display offline activities.
  5. Added the display of offline time with a lighter color than online time in the Gantt chart.
  6. Fixes in the work of service.

Updates in version of web-service 2.64

June 21, 2016

Web Service:

  1. Changes in the partner's office.
  2. Fixed the display of user groups in the hierarchy of the individual user settings.
  3. Fixed the display and containment of long user names in the lists or completed forms.
  4. Fixed the display of screens while watching a report on the entire group of users.

Updates in versions of web-service 2.60

June 2, 2016

Web Service:

  1. Fixed the re-sending of the same query when assigning a category that does not include subcategories.
  2. Improved the import of the finished list of users while adding employees to YawareTimeTracker.
  3. Fixed the error with editing offline activity and categorization settings.
  4. Changed the accounting process of local files in the browser Chromium.
  5. Fixed the incorrect display of time in reports by productivity.
  6. Added the ability to send reports to the user and the manager for the given date.

Updates in versions of web-service 2.6

May 20, 2016


  1. Added the display of headings and document names in the reports.
  2. Added the ability to monitor individual pages.
  3. Added the training demo tour for a new customers.
  4. Added the button for ideas and applications.

Updates in versions of web-service 2.51

May 6, 2016


  1. Changed the payment process for a smaller number of employees.
  2. Added the ability to delete screenshots by the filter.
  3. Added option to restore the default settings.

Updates in versions of web-service 2.50.22180

December 29, 2015


  1. New design of the checkout page.
  2. Added more privileges for managers: you can give access to certain reports, global settings and export feature.
  3. Fixes in the work of service.

Updates in versions of web-service

September 11, 2015


  1. Changed the principle of statistics saving: the data about deleted employees is saved for 2 days after deletion.


  1. Fixed the error in the work of a webcam in Windows 8 and up.
  2. Minor fixes in the work of offline activity.

Updates in versions of web-service

August 18, 2015


  1. Added the possibility to enable and disable manager’s right to edit the information about other managers.
  2. Changed the presentation of user data while editing the group
  3. Fixes in the work of service.

Updates in versions of web-service

July 21, 2015


  1. Added logs of changes made in accounts
  2. Fixes in the work of service.


  1. Added the ability to use proxy settings from the settings of Internet Explorer.
  2. Fixed the errors in the work of workflow report.


  1. Added support of Opera Next browser (on Chromium).
  2. Fixed errors in the work of monitoring.
  3. Fixed errors in the work offline activity.

Mac OS X

  1. Added support of Retina Display.
  2. Updated client design.
  3. Optimized the process of snapshot making.

Updates in the version of the web-service

May 26, 2015


  1. Redesign of the interface.
  2. Added ratings of employees to the email newsletters for managers.
  3. Added a graph “Middle Name” to the information box about employees.
  4. The head is now enabled to change manager’s password.
  5. The “Dashboard” depicts the hierarchy of groups.
  6. Added a possibility to specify the monitoring schedule of employee workflow according to the activities.
  7. Fixes in the work of the service.

Yaware Windows Client

February 24, 2015

  1. Added an input form for workflow activities – the employee can specify what he/she has been doing during a specified time period.
  2. Added a possibility to close the offline activity commenting window and chose another type of offline activity.
  3. The form of employee’s personal statistics depicts the information about the data,which hasn’t been sent to the server yet.
  4. The Google Chrome extension has been removed from the installation file.
  5. Added hints to the commenting windows of offline activities.
  6. Added a possibility to scroll offline activity buttons, if the size of the computer screen is small.
  7. Added a possibility to disable hints for specific offline activities.
  8. Added a validation of IP addresses on the form of proxy settings.
  9. Fixed a bug of monitoring Tor Browser and Safari.
  10. Fixed bugs related to the work of the client(breaking offline activity into periods, working with web-cam, incorrect settings from the server).

Version updates

January 19, 2015


  1. Updates of offline activity monitoring option;
  2. Added a hint to every offline activity;
  3. Added a possibility to make commenting required/optional;
  4. Added the ability to enlarge the buttons in the form of offline activity.
  5. Other improvements

Version updates

November 12, 2014


  1. Added a report “Working late hours” (shows which employees stay at the office after hours);
  2. Updates of the report “By employee” (time summary added);
  3. Other improvements in the services operation.

Yaware.TimeTracker Client Updates

November 3, 2014

Windows Client

  1. An error of saving the last activity is corrected.
  2. Yaware.TimeTracker Client Updates

October 27, 2014

Yaware Mac OS

  1. Period management has been improved.
  2. The algorithm of taking screenshots has been changed (the quality of capturing improved).
  3. Saved settings (for example, language, proxy) are transferred into a database (settings will remain saved after restarting the computer).

Yaware.TimeTracker client updates

October 9, 2014

Linux Client

  1. Automatic language switch depending on the users operating system.
  2. Offline-form appears on the active monitor (for users who work on multiple monitors).
  3. Added support of Beta and Unstable versions of Chrome.
  4. Fixed a bug related to the change of username.
  5. Webcam drivers have been updated.

Yaware.TimeTracker client updates

October 6, 2014

Windows Client (

  1. Determining the status of a client process;
  2. Automatic startup of services that are necessary for proper operation of the client during installation;
  3. Fixed a bug with the “Stop monitoring” option;
  4. Fixed a bug with incorrect loading of the configuration file.

Version updates

October 1, 2014


  1. Added a hierarchy of groups (allows to display in the internal structure of the company);
  2. Added a report “By group” (contains statistics of certain departments performance).

Version updates

September 4, 2014

Web Service:

  1. Сhanged the way payment methods are displayed. Now new clients see the list sorted by the popularity of payment methods. For others the list begins with the last method used.
  2. Optimized integration with project management software. If Yaware can not connected to the Jira server for 3 days the integration is suspended automatically.
  3. Redesigned application search filter in the “Screenshots” report.
  4. Redesigned Phone field in the sign-up form.

Yaware.TimeTracker client updates

August 29, 2014

Linux Client (

  1. Fixed a bug with a transition on statistics.
  2. Fixed a bug with monitoring the user root on Ubuntu.

Yaware.TimeTracker client updates

August 19, 2014

Mac OS X Yaware (

  1. Fixed a bug for screenshot transmission

Windows Client (

  1. Optimized the Yaware Client for memory;
  2. Fixed a bug in the Diagnostic Tool;
  3. Optimized screenshot creation.