Founders of MagneticOne Group

Ruslan Savchishyn

Ruslan Savchyshyn

Investor and the founder of the MagneticOne Group of companies

Ruslan is an idea generator who never allows anyone to halt progress. His high standards, both for himself and for every employee, have enabled success.

MagneticOne Group is a conglomerate of IT companies that create products in various industries for clients worldwide. The first business, MagneticOne IT company, later evolved into the MagneticOne Group. Currently, MagneticOne Group comprises over 10 companies and continues to expand. Among them:

MagneticOne, the founding company, is a software developer catering to e-commerce needs, operating for 20 years. The company's products are global market leaders in the field of automated data migration, including Cart2Cart and API2Cart.

Yaware, a co-founder, enhances client productivity through innovative solutions at every level, from ordinary employees to executives and owners.

MagneticOne Municipal Technologies, founded by Ruslan, implements modern solutions to enhance the efficiency of municipal operations through geoinformation technologies.

As the founder, Ruslan is responsible for the strategic planning and development of the company, making key decisions, and managing company resources.

Ruslan Savchyshyn is also an investor in 13 Ukrainian startups, focusing on sectors such as agriculture, medicine, big data analysis, artificial intelligence, and others. He is also the founder of MagneticOne Ventures, a venture capital fund investing in early-stage technology companies. The main interest is to represent companies in need of initial financing and consulting promising teams. Meanwhile, MagneticOne Ventures can provide financing and debt capital for companies of various types and sizes, ranging from well-established businesses to entrepreneurs whose ideas either have unique local value or have the potential to grow into world-class enterprises.

He is the head of the Public Union “Business Council of Ternopil Region,” an association of Ternopil businessmen aimed at protecting the legitimate rights and economic, social, creative, scientific, and cultural interests of its members.

He is also a co-founder of the “ThinkGlobal” school, a network of innovative schools striving to provide education of a new level. Their goal is to nurture powerful individuals with new thinking who can change themselves, their environment, their country, and the global world. The school offers its proprietary educational program, providing children with extensive knowledge geared towards the future. They nurture top managers, architects of social systems, people of intellectual influence, meaning creators, entrepreneurs, and officials.

His life motto: ❝Wonders happen when you plan them well.❞

Oleg Cherevatiy

Oleg Cherevatyy

Entrepreneur, investor and co-founder of several companies within the MagneticOne Group

Oleg obtained his higher technical education at the I. Pul'uj Ternopil National Technical University (2006) and honed his management skills at the Business Owners School (2016), becoming certified as an AWS Solutions Architect (2020). He has participated as a speaker at numerous technical and business conferences, sharing his experience in business and product management.

Since 2004, within the MagneticOne Group, Oleg has progressed from a designer to a partner, holding various positions including financial director, creative director, customer support department manager, marketing department manager, project manager, product manager, and executive director. Along this path, he even built some departments from scratch.

Together with Ruslan Savchyshyn and other partners, he co-founded the first private school licensed in Ternopil based on the ThinkGlobal franchise.

His life motto: ❝Success is inevitable!❞