Founders of MagneticOne Group

Ruslan Savchishyn

Ruslan Savchyshyn

Founder at MagneticOne Group

As the founder of a group of companies, Ruslan coordinates the direction of the group's development, is constantly in search of strategic opportunities that would make the companies more competitive and strengthen their positions.

Ruslan started 15 years ago with the creation of one company and by now has scaled it to a group of more than 20 companies. This became possible thanks to constant improvement of own skills.

In addition to personal development, the Founder encourages the development of employees. For this purpose, he created an internal Academy, sent top managers of various companies of the group at the expense of the Founders to the international MBA program (Master of Business Administration) and provided the opportunity to receive additional study leave.

Ruslan supports an ethical attitude towards any employee, regardless of the level of the position, and highly values employees' adherence to the values of the group of companies.

❝ Wonders happen when you plan them well. ❞

Oleg Cherevatiy

Oleg Cherevaty

Co-Founder at MagneticOne Group

Oleg is a managing partner of a group of companies and a co-founder of individual companies, engaged in their development and scaling.

He is a vivid example of incredible career growth in a group of companies, when he rose from the position of an ordinary employee to a co-founder. He started his career back in 2004 as a web designer at the company MagneticOne, after which he tried himself in various managerial positions in new directions – support, sales, marketing, finance.

Perseverance and initiative became the driver of his success. Constant training and improvement of his own skills helped him to get great results in companies. That is why Oleg highly appreciates initiatives and supports new ideas of employees. Always motivates to learn and develop, because in a group of companies this is one of the most important principles!

❝ Success is inescapable, no matter what. ❞