Time Tracking Software for Contractors

Do you want to control expenses on payments to contractors? Do you want to be sure that all paid time is spent on your project tasks?

Yaware offers a solution that will be the optimal option for optimizing work with contractors.

Pay only for the time spent on your tasks!.

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Easy and Accurate Job Costing with contractor time tracking software

Contractor time tracking software helps businesses to manage their projects efficiently, ensuring that all tasks are completed on time and within budget.

With Yaware time tracker, businesses can easily calculate the cost of a project and identify any areas where costs can be reduced to increase profitability. Contractor time tracker makes job costing easy and accurate by providing detailed records of hours worked on specific tasks and projects.

After receiving your contractor's consent to track the process of completing your tasks using Yaware, you will be able to:

  1. Receive a comprehensive report on the time spent on tasks, including time for breaks and distractions, by using Yaware.
  2. Analyze the contractor's work efficiency and determine which tasks they perform better and which require additional efforts.
  3. Increase the productivity of your team by providing recommendations for optimal task allocation among contractors.
  4. Evaluate the contractor's workday and provide advice on how to improve their productivity.
  5. Communicate with the contractor based on the analysis of results and make certain adjustments regarding future tasks.
  6. Set specific goals and plans for the contractor to achieve higher results and perform tasks more efficiently.
  7. Automate the calculation of the contractor's remuneration for their work.

Contractor time tracker features


Automatic tracking of working hours during online and offline activities

Your contractor is interested in recording every minute spent on your project. Yaware, when enabled, tracks both online and offline activities. Its data is objective, so you can calculate the amount to pay the contractor on an hourly basis based on this information.


The quality of time spent

Assign “unproductive” status to unwanted resources (websites, applications, etc.). You will be able to evaluate how the contractor uses the time you pay for. Is he working towards the result, or simply entertaining himself at your expense?


Projects and tasks

Yaware is not only a time-tracking app for contractors but also a truly convenient task management tool. Give it a try! Set tasks, assign them to responsible contractors, and track how much time is spent on solving each task.


Tracking of all programs and websites

All programs, websites, and documents used during the tracked time will be saved in the time-tracking history. This is useful for keeping a complete record of task execution and for further analysis of the contractor's workday.


Yaware Mobile App

You don't have to constantly log in to your Yaware account to check reports or be near your computer all the time. Install the Yaware mobile viewer and view reports in real-time wherever you are comfortable. Just don't use it while driving, it's distracting!


Flexible settings

You can track multiple offices of your company, different departments, and various subcontractors under completely different conditions in one company account. We are as flexible as we can be for your convenience.

How to use Yaware TimeTracker for contractors



and create an account



Install and configure Yaware TimeTracker on the contractor's computer by sending them an invitation from your account and ensuring that the contractor has installed and enabled the time tracker.



Start using Yaware to your contractor's time tracking.



Analyze reports to understand how time was spent and make decisions about optimizing the contractor's work.

Successful case studies

Hundreds of our clients have been able to increase their employees' productivity by 20% or more. Here are a few of their stories.

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Time tracker for contractors builds the most transparent relationships between your company and contractors.
You will no longer have any doubts about the conscientiousness of contractors' work, you will always know how much time and effort was spent on your tasks.

Will you try? We give you 14 days of maximum opportunities to test the system