Yaware TimeTracking Software for Lawyers and Attorneys

Do you need precise tracking of time spent on each client in your legal department?
We offer the most accurate solution!

Yaware will keep track of the work time of each of your employees, accurately calculate the cost of legal services for each client, and help your department achieve more each working day!

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Extremely simple and easy legal time tracking software

Your lawyers work hard, completing numerous tasks every day. The Yaware productivity monitoring system will help you build transparent relationships between the company and your hired lawyers, as well as between you and external clients of legal services.

Yaware is an incredibly simple and convenient time tracker for all employees who spend most of their working time at the computer. It collects and records information about the activity of each employee in real-time and stores it as flexible and convenient data for analysis in the company's account.

The main advantages of time tracking software for lawyers and attorneys:

  1. Reliable tracking and storage of data on online and offline activities throughout each working day
  2. Optimization of work schedules for all department employees
  3. Accurate recording of worked hours (to ensure no minutes are lost and all hours are accounted for and paid)
  4. Objective data on overtime and underworked hours
  5. Automated calculation of earnings
  6. Management of remote employees and contractors
  7. Improved work discipline and increased self-organization of specialists
  8. Ability to improve team morale and promptly identify resource leakage on non-productive processes and tasks.



Time tracking tool features for law firms


Automatic tracking of online and offline activity

Actual start and end of the workday, the number of hours devoted by the employee to work, offline activities such as meetings and reports, as well as lunch breaks or personal time will be automatically tracked. Every minute will be taken into account in each employee's timesheet.


Tracking of resources used by an employee

The system will record the time spent on different resources and tools used during work activities. This will help both the manager and the employee to have a complete picture of the employee's workday and understand both the repetitive actions and the objective workload on the employee.


Productivity improvement

Simply recording which websites an employee visits is enough for monitoring, but it is not sufficient for healthy work relationships and effective management. Identify which sources, programs, and tools contribute to productive activity and which hinder it. In reports, you will be able to see the portion of a lawyer's time devoted to non-productive activity that should be optimized.


Automated payroll calculation

Your lawyers and attorneys have worked hard and should be well compensated. The system allows for automated calculation of their pay to avoid accounting errors.
Thanks to tracking the time of your lawyers, you can easily generate a bill for the legal services provided to your client in just a few clicks.


The maximum attention mode

Focus Mode allows each of your lawyers to work on one task without switching to others. It is a magical helper into lawyer time tracking software when maximum attention to detail is required, for example, when writing and editing complex contracts or pleadings.


Simple task-tracking

The task tracker inside the time tracker is a very convenient tool. You can create projects, assign tasks to team members, and keep track of every minute spent on achieving the desired results. The task tracker within Yaware is extremely simple and has nothing extra.

How to use Yaware TimeTracker for attorneys?





Download the program or invite employees



Set up the rules for time tracking



Start tracking

Successful case studies

Hundreds of our clients have been able to increase their employees' productivity by 20% or more. Here are a few of their stories.

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