Successful implementation of Yaware – Rocket

Yaware is a program that helps you understand how employees spend their time. With its help you can justify the wages and bonuses, plan workloads and time for breaks.

Rocket Delivery is a Ukrainian company that provides food and food delivery services under the Rocket brand using a mobile application. The service is a three-way marketplace that connects customers, couriers and restaurants / shops. The company has 135 employees. Yaware TimeTracker is used in all departments.

What is the schedule and format of employees?

Most employees have an 8- or 9-hour shift between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Some work remotely, some from the office. Support units are located in Kyiv, Dnipro and Vinnytsia.

Reasons to install a time tracker

“Firstly, we needed to understand the advisability of budget spendings on salaries and employee bonuses. Secondly, we wanted to understand how our support agents use their working time. Thirdly, we needed to understand which activities consume employees’ time: the CRM system, reporting, or other options we are not aware of”

Did you manage to implement the set tasks using the program?

ТYes. We did a great job adjusting and optimizing working hours of employees, “said Vitalii Bodrov. We managed to optimize third-party services and sites that employees used during working hours.

Why did you choose Yaware?

Vitalii Bodrov said that implementing the program, which integrates with telephony and chats takes a long time.

“Company needs a time tracker that requires the least amount of effort to set up and administer. That's why Yaware is a good choice considering both price and utility.”

Can you name examples of performance indicators that have improved?

“During a trial period only, we found several employees in the support department who had more than 40 percent misuse of working time.”

Note: according to the average salary data in Ukraine, the payment employee like this should receive for 40% of working time (70.4 hours per month) $210.

Vitalii Bodrov noted that after the introduction of the tracker, the rate of inappropriate use of working time reaches 10 percent. With the load that Rocket Delivery now has, they plan to reduce it to 0.

How did you position the tracker? How was it implemented in the company? Were there any difficulties on the part of the employees?

“We told the employees that it was to control the work, justify payments. And to optimize working hours.”

Of course, at the beginning of the tracker implementation, there was resistance from employees. But now there is no negative feedback.

Reports you use most often

“The daily report sent to my mail is enough,” – said Vitalii. If there are additional questions, the company uses a specially designed daily report.

“My words are based on what I saw during the test period. Yaware provides sufficient reports enough to understand what's going on in the support department.” 

What do you think, what features can be valuable for other entrepreneurs in your sphere?

The head of the support service emphasized the following:

  • No need to log in and out the program every day. The employee comes to work, turns on a PC and Yaware.TimeTracker starts working;
  • Yaware has a policy of website division into productive and unproductive. After a person spent 8 hours working, you can understand what they were doing. It is very important;
  • The distribution of working time is visualized.

“I want to say that the feedback about Yaware support is very positive. All the questions we asked were answered. We found a common language. And got solutions for every worry. It was all quite detailed, so thank you very much for that.” 

“We need a time tracker that requires the least effort to set up and administer. That's why Yaware is a balance between price and our goals”
Vitalii Bodrov
Head of support, Rocket Delivery