Remote Employee Time Tracker Tool

The Yaware monitoring system is a convenient solution for remote work organization and automatic recording of working hours of remote teams.

Try Yaware so that remote employees will be as productive as they would be working alongside you at the nearby desk.

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Effortless management with time tracking for remote employees

The Yaware system allows you to

  1. track employee workloads to identify employees who overwork or underwork. 
  2. fairly distribute tasks and responsibilities on a daily basis, even in real time
  3. automate the accounting of working hours and facilitate the calculation of wages;
  4. identify and get rid of unproductive corporate habits, “time wasters”, such as using social networks for entertainment or very long meetings;
  5. strengthen the discipline in the team;
  6. analyze the reasons for overtime.

Remote worker time tracker features


Automated timesheets

The beginning and end of the working day, the number of real hours worked at the computer and outside it, fixing both online and working offline activity (for example, calls by phone or visits to a meeting with a client). No work minute will not pass out of attention!


Performance monitoring

Check your productive and unproductive resources (sites and programs) in settings – and you'll always know how much time your employees spent working with them. Forget the resources that not lead to the result – and your remote team will be more productive!


Projects and tasks

Yaware time tracker for remote workers can do more than just track the time!
Convenient and flexible replacement of a separate task tracker іs projects section. All of tasks will be in one place and you can track how much time each takes.


Automatic calculation of wages

Your accountant will get a few free hours, because our system is able to calculate independently how much you should pay the employee for the hours worked out.


Focus Mode for employees

Focus mode in time tracker for remote workers is something your employees never had before. As soon as an employee activates this mode, the system will not allow him to distract from one given resource, even if he tries. No toxic multitasking! Concentrated work guarantees faster performance of any task.


18 different reports to analyze the work of the team

Manipulate data in a convenient format or view reports in real-time on the administrator’s profile. You will have maximum objective data on how your employees work with “work from home time tracker”, as if they are working in the same office.

Easy-to-use time tracking software for remote teams



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Add employees' emails in your profile. The system will send them letters with a clear instruction how to install the program.



Setup basic settings. Specify work schedule and resources that you think are productive or unproductive. In the tariff “Performance Analysis” our system can recognize such resources, because it works with artificial intelligence.



Analyze the reports. It takes 15 minutes to view reports every day. The system is able to detect trends in employee behavior, provide ratings by workload or by level of work discipline and many other things

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