Successful implementation of Yaware – Serhiy, director

How often do you use Yaware in your manager's account? How much time do you spend on Yaware per week?

“My work with Yaware covers several hours a week in the form of short sessions. These short sessions help me track productivity and changes in my work.”

Did you succeed in solving the problem for which Yaware is being used?

I use the “Short Sessions” functionality, for which I export the data to Excel format for further analysis.

However, there are some gripes, such as the lack of Zoom monitoring and the lack of information about offline activity. Overall, I rate Yaware's functionality 9 out of 10.

What other methods and solutions do you use?

In our work, we successfully use Power BI and Yaware.

All went well after testing about 5 solutions and Yaware was the best. Yaware helps us achieve our productivity goals.

“My purpose of using Yaware is to monitor the productivity of employees and control their working time, detect possible tardiness.”
Serhiy, director