Successful implementation of Yaware – PM Kateryna

How often do you use Yaware in your manager's account?. How much time do you spend on Yaware per week?

“I use Yaware regularly, about once an hour during the working day, I spend 3-4 hours a week on it. My sessions are short and productive. The features I use the most are time monitoring, monthly analysis of productivity and work time, and using the task tracker. All these functions make my work routine more convenient and productive”

Did you succeed in solving the problem for which Yaware is being used?

With Yaware, we achieved our goals, but our expectations were exceeded when we started using the product. I can no longer imagine my work without him.

“Thanks to Yaware, I effectively control my working time and allow myself more time for concentration. I no longer face the difficulties that arose before. Thanks to Yaware's intuitive interface, I easily find all the functions I need”

How is the productivity of employees evaluated in your company?

As for using data from Yaware to improve efficiency, I use it to plan tasks accurately and evaluate my performance. All this data helps me develop strategies to achieve the best results.

“Our company has a motivation system based on achieving goals and recognizing employee successes”

How can you help improve the productivity of your employees in general (any ways)?

Besides Yaware, I also use other methods and programs to improve concentration and work efficiency. However, thanks to Yaware, we began to feel that we could achieve more.

What other methods and solutions do you use?

Among other things, we use Google Docs for collaboration and data storage, as well as Discord for convenient team communication.

We have already managed to combine information from Yaware and other task management systems. It made our work more organized and productive.

“We feel that we can contribute to the development of the product as beta testers. Also, we see the potential of Yaware for other game dev companies as they have similar target processes. Thanks to Yaware, we can focus more on uptime and productivity.”

“When it comes to using data from Yaware to improve efficiency, I use it to analyze work time and allocate tasks. Additionally, data from Yaware helps to identify the time spent on different tasks.”
PM Kateryna