Successful implementation of Yaware – Oleg, director of the company

How often do you use Yaware in your manager account? How much time do you spend on Yaware per week?

“Every day I spend about 20 minutes, which is up to 2 hours a week, doing both short and sometimes long sessions. Yaware helps me effectively manage both quick tasks and time-consuming long processes.”

Did you succeed in solving the problem for which Yaware is being used?

The integration of Yaware happened smoothly and harmoniously fit into our work processes. It should be noted that while Yaware does its job well, we also use Excel for some data management tasks.

“I greatly benefit from Yaware's customization capabilities, which allow me to tailor the tool to my needs. Thanks to a wide range of performance reports, I can gain insight into both the overall performance of the entire team and the achievements of individual employees. Although I encountered a minor bug, it had a minor impact on my overall experience and I give Yaware a 10 out of 10.”

How is the productivity of employees evaluated in your company?

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) play a key role in our approach to performance evaluation. Yaware fits seamlessly into this system, helping us track KPIs and fostering a motivated work environment.

“In the conditions of quarantine restrictions, work performance assessment has become an important part of our business. Yaware provides us with the means to effectively monitor performance at remote workplaces.”
Oleg, company CEO