It is easy to lose track of time, isn't it? A minute ago you were on some website reading an article, and now you're here. Five minutes ago you were working on a project but a phone call interrupted you.
There is an often necessity to switch between tasks while working, and it becomes an even bigger problem. Of course, every successful business requires employees to switch between tasks in order to accomplish more. However, task switching can lead to great losses in productivity.
That is why many companies understand the importance of time tracking as the way to measure and increase employee productivity. And if the company hires employees and pays per hour, then time tracking is a necessity for them.
Unfortunately, we start understanding the importance of personal time tracking only when there's a lack of time.

10 benefits of time tracking

By tracking personal time you can:

  • Increase personal productivity.
  • Determine which tasks are the most time-consuming.
  • Measure how much time a specific task takes, by punching the timer.
  • Work from home at have a flexible schedule.
  • Dedicate some time to hobbies and self-development.

Tracking employee time will help to:

  • Determine employee productivity.
  • Save all data about employee performance.
  • Monitor the work of telecommuters.
  • Track the time spent on each project or task.
  • Track total worked time.

How can you track time easily?

There are different options for tracking time that are suitable both for businesses and individual users. It can be something as simple as a stopwatch or an automatic time monitoring software like Yaware.TimeTracker.
Of course, you can track your time using a stopwatch. But is it uncomfortable, and at some point, will lead to the fact that you're going to spend time on tracking the time itself. Besides, this method is inefficient and uncomfortable for companies.
Time monitoring software is the perfect solution. It is mainly oriented on companies that is why it offers additional features like document printing monitoring or external resource connection monitoring.
In order to choose the best tracking software, define the criteria that it has to comply with.
Time tracking is what helps to understand why there's no result, or why it takes so long to achieve it. No matter if you are a business owner or a freelancer, tracking time will help to increase productivity.

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