Yaware Update: “Goals and Alerts” feature in time tracker

On the portal of Yaware TimeTracker ideas, users can leave suggestions for improving the program or adding new functionality, which can greatly facilitate the performance of daily routine tasks. The Yaware team has implemented one of the most popular customer … Read More

Focus mode in Yaware.TimeTracker: how to focus on one thing?

When was the last time you gave 100% of your attention to one thing? Even now, as I write this article, I have 7 browser tabs open, unread work chat messages, and 2 client email documents. And yet, I’m trying … Read More

Yaware TimeTracker update: what’s next?

Let’s imagine a situation: at the beginning of the working day the company’s employees were in an important offline meeting. However, in the time tracker, this interval is not displayed as the time for completing tasks. What to do in … Read More

Capturing Work Time Down to the Second – Meet the New Report in Yaware.TimeTracker

Great news for managers who want to get a detailed picture of employee’s working day. With a new report Activity “By Application” you can make a detailed timing of the working day of each employee. The time tracker now also … Read More

Offline Activity Monitoring has Become a Breeze

Great news! Now you’ll get more accurate data on what employees do when they`re not at the computer. We are pleased to announce some new updates for Yaware. The updates of offline activity tracking will help to filter the information … Read More