Great news for managers who want to get a detailed picture of employee’s working day. With a new report Activity “By Application” you can make a detailed timing of the working day of each employee.
The time tracker now also enables to activate and deactivate employees in a simpler way and export the reports into Excel.
Now let’s take a closer look at every innovation.
The new report enables you to:

  • see the sequence in which employees use resources;
  • determine how often the employee switches between tasks;
  • identify the “time eaters”.

After opening the report you will see the duration of use of each resource in descending order. For the clarity each resource is marked with color according to categorisation: productive, unproductive, neutral:
Report "By Application"
A time summary table shows a list of apps and websites in order of their use to the nearest second:
Time table by activities
Using this report you can find out how often an employee switches between tasks.

Active employees in a hassle-free way!

Let’s say you purchased 20 additional licenses. The old way you would have to manually activate each employee.Things are much easier now! Just select all employees you want to activate and click on “Make employees active”:
Make employees active in just a few clicks

Export to Excel

From now except for exporting the reports to CSV and PDF, you can also export it to Excel. This will make your interaction with the system much more convenient because you no longer have to convert your CSV reports to Excel.
We are sure that the new report will help you make time and productivity analysis even more effective.
Don’t forget to share your thoughts about the updates of Yaware.TimeTracker and suggestions for further updates. With your help we will make the time tracker even better!

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