automatic time tracking
[Infographic] 6 Ways to Make the Life of Your HR Easier with the Help of Automatic Time Tracking
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Not everybody can become an HR-manager. To be one, you have to possess huge amounts of energy and enthusiasm. And most importantly, get powered from being around and talking to people. HR-managers daily process massive amounts of information, and often … Read More

remote employee monitoring
[Infographic] 6 Ways to Benefit from Remote Employee Monitoring
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Businesses grow and expand. And many open their offices in foreign cities and countries, hire remote employees to reduce the labor costs and find a skilled employee at another destination. All is great, but there is one problem – distance. … Read More

employee time and attendance software
[Infographic] Business Automation with Employee Time and Attendance Software
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No matter how hard you try, what you do, the cell phone you use or the methods you facilitate to run your business one day will become outdated. That’s why it’s important to update everything in your life and work. … Read More

screen monitoring software
[Infographic] 4 Ways you and Employees can Benefit the Screen Monitoring Software
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The problem with screen monitoring software is that employees only see bad things about it. They either don’t know the benefits of it or they don’t try to find them. The software is not so invasive as it seems to … Read More

Preserve the productivity of remote employees using time tracking service
[Infographic] How to Save Remote Employees’ Productivity Using Time Tracking Service
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For the majority of people, the ability to work from home seems to be a heaven. But with all the benefits, comes a great responsibility. Besides, to build a successful freelancing career one should have the ability to stay focused … Read MoreRead More

[Infographic] Why Outsourcing is the Best Option with Time Tracker Software
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Outsourcing is not a new thing, but today it comes in different forms and shapes. We know it as a delegation of work from one company to another. And nowadays it is also a delegation of management or work to … Read More

time tracking system
3 Ways to Build a Better Business with a Time Tracking System [Infographic]
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You have put all skills and dedication to making your business into a perfectly operating mechanism but the results leave you wanting more? Thankfully, you can grasp the situation immediately. A time tracking system is the right tool to gear … Read More

How to Prevent a Productivity Disaster by Tracking Employee Hours [Infographic]
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The efficiency of your business fully depends on the productivity of your employees. So, the productivity is always the asset that you should take care about. While there are some general tips for improving staff’s workflow, there is also an … Read MoreRead More

SaaS Time and Attendance Tracking Software: Benefits for Your Business [Infographic]
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SaaS provides an amazing utility to any business. Not only it cuts costs but also make a company more agile. Do you use any SaaS in your work? One area which you can easily automate and move to the cloud … Read MoreRead More

time tracking application
Beat the Worst Productivity Stereotype with a Time Tracking Application [Infographic]
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Are you in a tough spot with staying productive at work? One thing that might hold you from moving forward is stereotyping. There are some common productivity stereotypes which a lot of people just overlook. Fortunately, you can spot them … Read MoreRead More

Guidelines to Follow when Choosing Employee Computer Monitoring Software [Infographic]
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When choosing a software for you business, it is very important to make the right decision. You shouldn’t buy the first thing that you find without a little investigation. Moreover, you should know exactly what you’re looking for. As Dan … Read More

[Infographic] Why Work Hour Tracker is the Best way of Tracking Time?
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What are the ways that companies were tracking time couple of years ago? Long long ago, they used paper timesheets, and when computers started to become a more common thing – Excel spreadsheets. Regardless the fact that about five years … Read MoreRead More