remote employee monitoring

Businesses grow and expand. And many open their offices in foreign cities and countries, hire remote employees to reduce the labor costs and find a skilled employee at another destination.
All is great, but there is one problem – distance. No matter how great the technology is, Skype and email give occasional contact and information.
How can you know that the freelancer is trustworthy and uses the time that you and your clients pay for properly? Or how can you see what your remote offices are up to?
If you think that all this is not important, then you are not quite right. Without monitoring, employees feel less engaged and focused. Working from home is already distracting, as well as the offices are full of distractions.
Needless to say that a good employee monitoring software is not only a benefit to a manager or business owner but also for the employees. They get a chance to improve their time management skills and increase productivity.
So, check out the infographic to learn which problems managers face and how remote employee monitoring can help:

remote employee monitoring
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