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Not everybody can become an HR-manager. To be one, you have to possess huge amounts of energy and enthusiasm. And most importantly, get powered from being around and talking to people.
HR-managers daily process massive amounts of information, and often they also have to collect that information. In addition, they have to prepare corporate events, find candidates for open vacancies, run interviews ….oh, don’t you feel overwhelmed already? Now that's what HR's deal with every day.

5 major challenges of being an HR-manager

1) Productivity management

HR’s have to understand what helps employees be productive and what can push them off-balance.

2) Timesheet management

Dealing with all the paper timesheets is not easy. It isn’t easier even if you start using Excel as an upgraded version of a timesheet. There still is a problem of collecting and processing the data.

3) Time and schedule management

Many companies already allow their employees to work by flexible schedule to increase their productivity. Can you guess how much more hassle it brings to HR-managers? The struggle of collecting and keeping the data accurate is painful.

4) Talent management

HR-managers have to uncover talents and help them grow inside the company. How can you get to know employees better when you barely have time to go for a lunch?

5) Lack of time and energy

Oh, the overwhelming list of things that HR’s have to get done by the day. Could it be shorter, or maybe someone could add up hours to their working day?

How automatic time tracking helps to make the work life of HR-manager easier?

Unfortunately, time tracking can not add up actual hours to the 24-hours that HR's already got. But it can free up some time by automating the processes that they have to do by hand.

Automatic data collection

Using automatic time tracking system, you let HR’s kill two birds with one stone: streamline timesheets and simplify time and attendance management.

Insights on employee performance

How to find talents within the company and increase employee productivity? Only if you have accurate data about the work of your staff. Then you can find out who is the most and least productive, and what you should do about it.

Increased personal productivity

Automatic time tracking is beneficial for HR’s themselves. It allows to see which activities take too much time, what could be eliminated, etc.

In conclusion

Automatic time tracking has many more benefits, but the main point implementing it is eliminating the work that HR's have to do by hand. Not only they get more free time, but the company and its employees benefit.

automatic time tracking
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