No matter whether you are an office worker, perform your duties “on the go” or work as a freelancer – becoming more productive and better organized will definitely do you good. The good news is, we aren’t going to suggest you any new techniques that mean putting in more efforts. On the contrary, this post tells how to improve your time management by… delegating it to assistants. No, we don’t suggest hiring people to manage your tasks. It is not necessary, since technology can do it faster, better and a lot more cheaper or even for totally free.
Yes, you’ve guessed it right – we are talking about the time management apps. Why not take advantage if they can potentially ease your life and work? The only hardship is in choosing the right ones out of thousands of great apps, especially taking into account that the new ones are appearing daily. Well, we’ve already done the heavy lifting and suggest the list of hand-picked must-have tools (in random order) to refine your time management.
1-3-5 List
Having a hard time with prioritizing the tasks on your to-do list? This app helps you out by dividing each assignment into 1 large, 3 medium, and 5 small things to do every day (that’s where the name comes from). This lets not to spend much time on trifle tasks and concentrate on reaching the daily goals that will inevitably lead you to completing the big tasks timely.
As you rightly guessed, this app is all about lists. But they are far from the ordinary to-dos. In fact, it helps to organize your thoughts, ideas, resources, visuals etc. on the same topic in a convenient form in one list. The app is very engaging, as it lets share the list, inviting contributors, receiving their feedback, embedding lists and so on. Consequently, working on a project can be much more fun and simple with this tool.
You are one of those “visual” people who perceive the world mostly through their eyes? Even if this isn’t exactly so, pay attention at this mindmapping app. It is not only free, but also very effective in literally picturing what has to be done first and foremost. Moreover, it can be helpful in generating new ideas right in the process of creating your mindmap.
Don’t miss out on this app if your routine tasks keep hindering the progress in reaching your long time goals. It is very effective in building simple to-do lists that can be expanded with indefinite sub-tasks and dependencies, organizing a hierarchy of tasks. Moreover, it can create the to-do list for you automatically, based on the task context, subtasks and due dates, breaking down big goals into smaller and clear ones. It is available for major OSs as well as portable devices, so your “roadmap” is always there when you need it.
This time management software is created with productivity in mind. It is your personal assistant in perfectly organizing everything that needs to be done, in the right order, at the due time and with all the necessary info at hand. You can use it not only for work by categorizing tasks thanks to Areas feature. It also saves your time for organizing activity, for instance, you can turn an email into a task by sending it to your Nirvana account. With lots of great options, supported by major desktop and mobile OSs and offering unlimited free trial, it looks very tempting to try.
As it says on the official website, Thymer is a project management and task planning tool designed for those who hate both. It breaks the stereotype about a complex and unwelcoming interface of the apps of this type, which is in fact really intuitive. It lets efficiently add, assign and track tasks, discuss them, share documents and even create invoices. Accessible from anywhere and secured by SSL connection, your data will be there whenever you need it.
If you or your employees have difficulties with managing their time effectively, this app will help to find out where it all goes. This cloud-based time tracking tool records all activity on the computer and forms detailed reports on which websites/software were used and for how long. Moreover, it helps control attendance by showing exactly when the work was started and finished, counting total hours worked, keeping track of all breaks and work-related offline activity. By automatically categorizing all resources as productive/unproductive and neutral, it objectively estimates work efficiency, and helps boost productivity by 20% on average.
Yaware.TimeTracker is free for personal use, and there is a free 14 day trial available for businesses, with unlimited options and users. So, if you’d like to check it out, take just a few minutes to sign up and install the app and you’re all set.

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