There are so many people who live “automatically”, without paying attention to their habits. Meanwhile, habits make the difference between successful and unsuccessful people.
Here are the top 15 habits of successful people.

Habit # 1 Set goals regularly

Successful people regularly set new goals. Because people who want to succeed, have long-term goals and plans.They have daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals.

Habit # 2 Self-development

Successful people are always looking for ways to improve. They are always students of their profession and every day they learn something new. Such people know that time is too valuable, so they spend it on what helps them to move forward.
Look for ways to expand your knowledge. It will not always be easy, but what doesn`t kill us makes us stronger.

Habit # 3 Take care of your health

Eat healthy and live healthy, and if you want to be successful, it has to become a habit, like brushing your teeth.

Habit #4 Find new friends and business partners

By making new friends or finding new partners, you can find a lot of great opportunities for yourself or your business.

Habit #5 Don`t leave things for later

Every human has some fears or doubts. But successful people overcome them, they don`t hesitate.
Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today. “Do it immediately” – repeat it 100 times if you need. But don`t stop, until the task is done.

Habit # 6 Save money

If you save 10-20 % of your earnings, you will always have funds for new ideas, projects, etc.

Habit # 7 Refuse thoughts that limit actions

The best way, to do something, is begin. So stop using the “I can`t”, “I don`t know how” phrases. Just do it.

Habit # 8 Live within your means

Contrary to popular beliefs rich people don`t overspend their money. They don`t spend more than they earn, that`s why they don`t drown in debts.

Habit # 9 Read every day

Reading expands the knowledge and develops the imagination. Daily, successful people, dedicate at least 30 min of their time to reading.

Habit # 10 Don`t watch TV

Did you know that a lot of successful businessmen limit their TV time to 1 hour a day or refuse from watching TV at all?
How much time do you spend in front of a TV? How else could you spend this time?

Habit # 11 Do more

Successful people often make more than necessary. Even if something is not included in the scope of their duties, they will voluntarily do so.

Habit # 12 Talk less, listen more

When you listen – you learn new things. Probably that`s why people have two ears and one mouth.

Habit # 13 Don`t give up

Do not give up when things go wrong. You may need to change the direction or strategy, but keep moving forward.

Habit # 14 Surround yourself with people on the same page

«Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are». People are as successful as their friends are.
Try to surround yourself with successful and productive people.

Habit # 15 Don`t be afraid

Everybody has fears but successful people don`t let their fears overtake them. Acknowledge your fears and look for ways to overcome them.
Most life coaches believe that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. So start forming these habits right now, and they will become an essential part of your life and will open a path to success.

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