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Did you know that out of 5 working days, we are productive for only 3? This mainly happens due to the inability to properly organize the work. That's why we don`t have enough time to finish all tasks on time, and you have to deal with them on the weekends.
Author of bestseller “The 4 Hour Workweek”, Tim Ferris knows how to be truly productive. In this article we will share with you his tips on how to increase productivity.

Tips on how to increase productivity

1. Let the beginning of every workday be the same

The way you start your working day greatly affects your productivity. Therefore, the first hours of each working day shouldn`t differ much.
Set a daily ritual. For example, start your day with a cup of coffee and make up a plan. If you set a daily ritual, it will be easier to enter into a working rhythm.

2. Do not check e-mail in the morning

If you start your working day by checking your inbox – discard it. Why? After reading the email, you will immediately begin to react to it rather than plan the day and prioritize tasks.

3. Do only what is important

Before you enthusiastically take up the following problem, ask yourself: “Is it really important?”. Not always what we do is necessary or important. Often because we decide minor problems, we don`t have time left for what is really important.

4. Concentrate

Anything that distracts us makes us stupid. Constant interruptions lower IQ.
Modern offices are filled with distractions and not all of them can be eliminated. But still you can exclude some by yourself.

5. Create an individual system

Almost all the great geniuses had a special daily routine that suited them well. So if someone's system of work organization does not bring results – create your own. Your schedule may be strict, built on scientific principles, on personal preference – but it must be “locked up” for you in order to increase productivity.

6. Define goals in the evening

Every evening define one or two important tasks for the next day. Waking up, you should already know what kind of important things are waiting for you in order not to get “stuck” on other “urgent” tasks.

7. Finish every working day equally

Finish every working day the same way. Clean up your desk, make a backup copy of the files on your computer, make a list of what has to be done the following day. In general – set up a ritual.
If you feel that every day it gets more and more difficult to retain that work-life balance; you don`t want to be a workaholic that spends nights at the office – start using these tips and you wont have to.

Work smart and increase productivity!

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