Time management for IT professionals allows you to better understand the productivity of each employee and the team as a whole, as well as the progress of work on a project or a specific task. In any company, each employee has many different assignments, and often specialists are faced with the fact that they cannot estimate how much time they will need and do not invest in deadlines, switching, for example, to a less important task. To prevent this from happening, it is important to teach employees competent time management.


Advantages of time management for managers in IT

  • Accounting and project management in one tool. Often, time monitoring applications combine these two solutions, providing high accuracy for both. For example, tools like Yaware.TimeTracker allow automatic reporting of project budgets, which is important for many companies.


  • A simple way to evaluate performance. It can help you improve your team management by effectively allocating your work time. And automating employee visits is another useful feature.


  • Management of individual areas of teamwork. In IT, it can help reduce the technical costs of software development or analyze the time your team spends on developing certain features of the application.


Effective time tracking methods for IT teams

1. Tables

In this case, you simply use an Excel spreadsheet and manually add the time spent on each task. This method is good for freelance developers or employees of a small IT company. However, adding data manually is very time-consuming, even if you have a timesheet template, and sometimes you forget to fill in the table.


2. Trust

Everything is based on trust here. Employees report the time they believe they spent on a task or project. This method is simple and fast, but not at all accurate. An employee can round the hours spent up or down, and from the point of view of resource planning, time budgeting and productivity calculation, this method does not bring any benefit.


3. Software

Time management software automatically monitors time spent on tasks and can generate invoices and reports. Employees, managers or clients know exactly how much time is spent in general, how long it took to complete a particular task and when productivity started to decline or vice versa.


A good example of such software is Yaware.TimeTracker. So what are its benefits?

  • Automatic monitoring – all statistics are automatically entered into a report, which can be viewed or downloaded to a computer for further data processing.
  • Performance analysis – the ability to see the actual load on the teams, which will help to understand whether there is a real need for additional staff.
  • Project and task management – the entire amount of planned work in one place, after which you can calculate the cost of tasks, hours of work and evaluate how much the result paid off.
  • Personal statistics are an opportunity for employees to independently analyze their effectiveness.
  • Many visual graphs and reports – the ability to analyze the work of employees in just a few minutes and more.


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No matter what project your team is working on, work tracking software will eliminate manual time recording and give you a sense of accomplishment every time employees meet a deadline. With a good time tracking tool, your employees will get rid of annoying distractions, and you will take your team's time management to the next level and create a productive business culture for every team member.

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