The most important skill of a true professional is the ability to communicate and negotiate. A person with good communication skills will always find the right approach to a client, partner or employer. The value of this skill in the context of the labor market is that it is one of the main drivers in a career.


It would seem that Hard Skills should be the leading ones in work. Yes, professional knowledge and skills are necessary for the effective implementation of business processes. And you need to constantly work on improving them. However, the market dictates its own rules. The interconnection of industries is increasing every year, mechanical work is being redirected to robots and people are left alone with their colleagues, clients, and business partners.  Research results confirm that 85% of success in the profession is determined by soft skills. And the most important of them is the communication skill.


The ability to communicate correctly:


1. Improves cooperation and teamwork

Effective communication skills allow people to work collaboratively and build strong relationships with colleagues, which leads to better teamwork. When team members communicate well, they can share ideas, give feedback and work together to solve problems.

2. Increases productivity

Good communication skills lead to increased productivity. When employees communicate effectively, they can clarify tasks and expectations, ask questions and provide feedback. This leads to a more productive work environment.

3. Builds trust and respect

Clear and open communication builds trust and respect among coworkers. When employees communicate honestly and openly, they create an atmosphere of trust, which leads to better relationships and more effective teamwork.

4. Reduces the number of conflicts

Communication can reduce the amount of conflict in the workplace. When employees communicate with each other, they can resolve issues before they become big problems. This can help prevent conflicts and ensure that everyone is on the same page.

5. Improves customer service

Communication skills are essential to providing excellent customer service. When employees communicate effectively with customers, they can understand their needs, offer solutions and build strong relationships. This leads to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

6. Promotes career growth

Employers are looking for employees who can communicate clearly and effectively with colleagues, clients and customers. Employees who can communicate well have a better chance of taking on leadership positions in the future.


In today's business environment, it is often said that a good specialist is a public specialist. If you have a ton of knowledge in your head and professional skills behind you, but no one knows about you and no one works with you, what's the point? If you are an excellent specialist, but you cannot convince others of this, make yourself known in the market, or publicly present your ideas to others, why should they consider you successful and ready for further career growth?



To summarize, communication skills are essential for success in any workplace. By developing strong communication skills, employees can improve their career prospects and succeed in their chosen field. 


Learn, improve, enhance your communication skills and succeed in your career!


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