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Nowadays about 500 000 companies use work hours tracker to keep accurate records of employees’ time, and 70 000 customers have chosen Yaware.TimeTracker.

Who came up with the idea of tracking time?

Obviously, nobody would create a time tracker if there was no market demand. That’s the principle that all businesses use.
The first time tracking apparatus was invented in 1888 by a jeweler named Willard Bundy. It was supposed to let employees punch in and out.
It’s a no-brainer that it was very inaccurate and required a full-time person to process the timestamps.
Working hours tracker as we know it today is a software that monitors active and offline time as employees use the computer. It is much more accurate and simple to use that two centuries ago.

Why do companies decide to use work hours tracker?

1. It streamlines your payroll preparations

Both employers and employees are interested in keeping accurate records about working time and schedules.
But it might be a trouble if there’s no centralized way of keeping those records.
Paper timesheets are inaccurate, create room for human mistakes. Work hours tracker in order keeps accurate records in one place. An HR-manager can access his/her account and prepare all the necessary information for accountants to calculate the payroll.
It saves time, money and simplifies time and schedule management.

2. It increases employee productivity

W. Edwards Deming once said: “You can't manage what you can't measure.”
This statement is true for most things that we do in business, as well as managing employee productivity.
How can you know that you’re undertaking the right actions to increase the performance of your staff?
A work hours tracker like Yaware.TimeTracker has the feature of automatic employee productivity assessment. The software divides all websites and applications that employees use in their working time into productive, unproductive and neutral categories, and then generates visual reports using the collected information.
By analyzing the reports, you can detect company’s time eaters, learn productivity patterns and see who the most productive and unproductive employees are.

3. It allows to discover new prospects and improve business efficiency

Does your company waste a lot of time on unproductive meetings? It’s hard to know for sure without a time tracking software.
With Yaware.TimeTracker you can track company’s offline time and see how much time meetings, negotiations, etc. take time.
On average, it’s enough to have one corporate meeting every two weeks to share the news and discuss important topics. If, you hold meeting more often, think about how productive it is, and what employees could actually do during that time.


Work hours tracker is a popular software that helps companies to increase their productivity, streamline workflow and define new prospects for businesses growth.  

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