Because flexible schedules have plenty of benefits, including higher productivity and higher employee satisfaction, increasing number of businesses become open to such practices. Making flextime schemes more effective is much easier with web-based time tracking software and here’s why exactly.

It eliminates paperwork

Cloud technologies benefit companies in different ways but probably one of the most valuable advantages is that you can completely eliminate paperwork. You’re also free to choose which device to access all those data from.
Web-based time tracking software is equally beneficial to managers and staff. Since all the stats are available to employees, they can check everything they need to know about their work and productivity whenever they need it.
In turn, managers receive all the stats into a single online account and so save tons of time on trying to figure out how to evaluate performance of staff on flextime schemes.  

Web-based time tracking software provides precise feedback on performance

Measuring team’s performance when everyone’s on individual scheme can be quite difficult. Web-based software does this automatically. Employees don’t have to remember about starting and stopping timers. They can also check out their stats on their own.  
Managers have fresh and automatically updated information on everyone’s productivity and so can define what slows down performance most of all and how to fix it instantly.
Automatically collected stats are objective and insightful which is also important for correct payroll calculations.  

You can align performance on a team

Next thing each manager would like to do is make sure everyone’s comfortable with their work schedules. Web-based time tracking software is a handy tool to define core working hours and manage schedules appropriately.
Another benefit of such software is that you can plan accordingly. Having precise feedback on everyone’s performance helps you with tasks assignments and deadlines.
Managing flextime effectively in large part depends on your ability to measure it. Otherwise, you’ve got no way of knowing what keeps you from growing and how you can improve it. For this reason a good point to start will be using a web-based time tracking software, such as Yaware.TimeTracker.

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