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If you are one of those who thinks that time tracking does not stick into web developers’ line of work, then here’s what we have to say.
Any job position that requires a lot of time spent working with the computer and the Internet could benefit an automatic time tracking software.
People name different reasons for why time tracking wouldn’t work for web developers. E.g., that it requires a lot of backtracking, because their output is often uneven, etc.
However, the benefits of time tracking overweight the difficulties that might occur. Besides, an automatic time tracking software allows to eliminate some of those difficulties.
So, without further ado, here are the reasons why your web development team should use an automatic time tracking app.

The team lead learns how productive the employees are

Using the time tracking data, you can learn a lot of things about your team. E.g., who has more free time and who has none of it. Who works long hours every day and who leaves earlier.
All of this is important when you are trying to figure out if there’s something wrong with the workflow of the team, and what exactly is wrong. It also gives you the confidence about the decisions that you take because knowing the exact reason means that you can find the best solution.
Practically speaking, using Yaware.TimeTracker you can:

  • evaluate the workload of each employee and the team in general;
  • analyze the Internet use and see how employees use their time;
  • assess the time and attendance discipline.

Knowing this information, you can better negotiate deadlines, learn the capacity of your team and find hints as to how you can optimize and improve the workflow.

It will not take time or hinder focus

When you look a couple years backward, you’ll see that time tracking used to take a lot of time and did more harm than good. It was especially true for large organizations with big teams.
Back then to track time of multiple employees, a company had to master cooperation, hire additional employees to do the paperwork and run the whole process.
Nowadays, everything related to time tracking is much simpler. There are automatic apps that collect and build reports without human interaction.
There is still one thing that you have to do – install the software. But, agree that it’s much easier than trying to make manual methods work.
Automatic time tracking won’t hurt employees’ concentration as well. Writing a code is a complicated process that requires the highest focus possible, and distracting to log in the time or switch the timer may pay off very expensively.
Automatic time tracking software silently runs in the background recording the data about employees’ work. So, nobody is distracted.

It helps with reporting

If your development team is billed by hour, then time tracking can help simplify and improve the invoicing.
With manual methods, billing becomes a hassle. Either a team lead or employees have to keep precise records of the time worked, which requires consistency.  
After a hard day of intense brain activity, it is very easy to forget to write down and log in the hours worked. Just a single skip can ruin the accuracy of final records and confuse the team.
Automatic time tracking software captures every hour spent on a project. So, whenever the team is ready with it, they can calculate the exact amount of hours worked. In addition, they can prove that the billing time had been used properly using screenshots.


As you can see, automatic time tracking software makes it easier for the team and their leads to analyze, improve and report.
All of that is the power of automation and accurate data. So why not own this power immediately?  

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