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We live in a century of informational freedom, time of social networks. We chat more on the Internet than in real life. Nowadays we can`t even imagine our job without the worldwide web. Internet gives us freedom and a lot of possibilities, but also enough problems. That`s why a lot of companies face the challenge of employees` time and efficiency tracking because of free access to the Internet.
There are three reasons why time tracking is important.

1) Internet addiction

Modern society is so accustomed to the use of social networks, that it can not even imagine a complete lack of its extinction within the working day. This leads to the fact that during the working process, employees get too distracted, which means that the work is done more slowly and less efficiently. That`s why employees need additional monitoring tools, because today the concept of discipline is much more vague than 20 years ago.

2) Fair salary

When you bill on a fixed fee basis, it’s almost impossible to match your revenue to the expenses in any given month if you don`t do time tracking. Regardless of the amount and quality of work that has been done, employees get the same salary every month. It can cost you money and reputation.

3) How to control someone you can`t see

Freelancers are in trend nowadays. Many companies have found benefits in hiring an employee from another region or country. But this trend has one significant drawback: the employer can not control his employee which means that during the working process, they can spend time doing things that are not connected with their duties.

There is a solution and that's Yaware

Yaware is an online time tracker that helps track employees` productivity and working time.
This will solve the problem of billing, you will know how many hours your employees actually work. Yaware tracks time that your employees spend on social networks or any other site. As a result, you can set fair limits of time that you see fit for your particular organization.
Yaware is easy to install on remote computers, that gives you an opportunity to control freelancers. Yaware works on Mac OS, Windows and Linux.
So don`t waste your time, start tracking it!

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