Each employer is undoubtedly concerned with the quality and efficiency of his/her employees’ work. Surely, who wants to pay money for the time they merely spend (sometimes waste) at an office rather than for the results?
However, now there are better ways than being “concerned”, like taking the work time under control.

Means of work time tracking

The first means of tracking work time appeared long ago – they are called timesheets and are used to write down the time of each employee starting and finishing work. Today, they have been substituted (in the majority of cases) by electronic or web based time clocks that perform the same function and even biometric scanners granting access to an office/building and recording the arrival and leaving time simultaneously. These devices are effective in counting the total hours worked and help with payroll calculations. They might be enough to control employees performing physical work the results of which are easy to estimate. However, they appear to provide very limited information about the quality of intellectual work that's not so easy to trace.
The pressing need for a more sophisticated and complete time tracking tool arose with the development of IT technology and a quickly growing number of office staff working by the computers. This need has been partially fulfilled with applications that require an employee to form reports on daily activity by indicating the type of work done and its duration.
However, these apps frequently do not bring the expected result. First of all, half of the employees keep forgetting to fill them in every now and then. Secondly, employees either have to distract to fill in the new activity they are starting to work on, or at the end of the day they provide an account on everything done, but it may be inaccurate.
Luckily, time tracking apps that came to the scene not so long ago seem to do away with all the drawbacks of the abovementioned means of tracking work time. Moreover, they feature numerous benefits both for employers and employees. No wonder that the time tracking app like Yaware.TimeTracker is presently used by about 2,000 companies to monitor the work of over 23,000 employees in total, and the number of its users grows daily.

What makes time tracking app a valuable asset for your company?

Full automation
Forget about the need to remind your staff to fill in their daily reports or swipe in/out. The application starts along with the computer and records all activity without any additional moves from the side of the employee or your IT tech.
Complete work information
The time tracker notes down the following data:

  • the time of starting and finishing work;
  • overall time worked;
  • all activities performed on the computer (websites or software used and the exact time spent for each of them);
  • all offline activities (like breaks, meetings, calls etc.) and their duration;
  • productivity of work (based on the productivity of resources used which is configured for each company/department/individual team member individually).

Saving time for work control
Instead of having to look through each employee stats one by one, the application forms comprehensive reports that instantly visualize the essential data, like:

  • schedule violations (who was late for work or left too early);
  • the most/least productive employee/department;
  • all overtime workers etc.

Improving discipline and time management skills
As a rule, employees try to work more diligent when knowing their work is monitored. Moreover, they have access to the personal stats, which helps to locate problems with managing time and more adequately build their daily agenda.
Productivity boost
By seeing the pitfalls that hinder productivity (like too frequent breaks, personal phone calls or social networks), employees get a great chance to eliminate them and get more work one in the course of the same time. Moreover, getting objective productivity data lets an employer reward the best staff members, and thus create a motivation for those who are less efficient.
Available 24/7 around the world
All recorded data can be accessed via the Internet, which is very convenient for the busy boss obliged to travel much. Also, it lets to control employees or freelancers in any spot on Earth.
Obviously, a time tracking app like Yaware.Timetracker brings a lot of new opportunities for improving your business prospects. However, it is best that you check it out by yourself, which is absolutely free for 14 days, so complete a quick sign up process and you are good to go!

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