Along with the rapidly growing number of employees working on the computers, especially with Internet connections, employers have faced a serious challenge – taking staff activity under control. The traditional means of time tracking software like timesheets or biometric scanners don’t quite do the job, since they only count the overall time a person spent at the office or display the info on tasks and their duration an employee entered into a timesheet. But the real state of affairs can be far from the given data.
Therefore, the automatic time tracking systems that recently appeared on the market as the response to these needs, are quickly gaining popularity among employers and managers. What makes them so desirable? Well, it’s easy to guess:

  • time tracker software is automated, and does its job without any extra actions needed right after the installation;
  • it records each and every action taken on the computer and saves the data on the secure server, so there’s no cheating or human error possible;
  • it is an excellent time and money saver, since there’s no need to hire extra staff or spend lots of time to keep a hand on the pulse of employees’ performance.

Nevertheless, this list of benefits of a time tracking app is far from being exhaustive. Most managers don’t realize what a great potential it possesses, and in the majority of cases simply use it as a timeclock substitute – to keep track of the total time worked by their subordinates. While this characteristic should be by no means neglected, a time tracking software gathers a lot more useful data that can be used to the benefit of the company in general and each employee in particular. Moreover, the tool like Yaware.Timetracker has strong reporting features that analyse the received information and present it in the comprehensive and convenient form.

Which time tracking software reports you shouldn’t miss?

A time tracking tool is capable of presenting you with not only interesting, but also valuable data that can drive positive changes for your business.

Rating reports to check productivity

Have you ever wondered who is the most efficient employee in your company or wanted a proof of your own opinion on this matter? With Yaware.TimeTracker productivity report, you’ll get two ratings – one showing employees starting from the one with the biggest amount of productive work time in the descending order. The other one – vice versa, is topped by the person having the most of unproductive time. To view details on the specific employee, just click on the diagram next to his/her name. You can also compare the productivity of teams/departments and set the desired time period for the rating.

Report of Activities to see categorized performance

If you wish to know what apps/ websites get the most attention from your staff, both on business or for pleasure, use the report on activity by categories. It shows the rating of all resource categories based on the time spent for them. Clicking the mouse on the category opens a list of subcategories/apps belonging to it.
Next, you get to view the detailed report of apps/websites sorted by the time of usage. Here, you can also change the app category and productivity classification (productive/non-productive/neutral) according to your needs.

Idle activity report to view time spent offline

The offline activity report provides objective data on what your employees do when they are absent from the computer. It includes coffee-breaks, lunch, time for phone calls, meetings, negotiations etc. Mind that this categorisation is possible only if offline activity tracking is switched on, which means that upon returning to their PCs, employees will be asked by the time tracker to indicate the reason of their absence.
So, as you can see, there is a lot you can learn from a time tracking software. Anxious to start now? That’s quick and easy, plus requires just a short sign up to complete. The good news is, you risk nothing as 14 days full-featured free trial is granted, no questions (and credit card number) asked.

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