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It is pretty much impossible to improve something if you don’t know what’s wrong with it and if there’s anything wrong at all.
E.g., you can’t improve the management methods used in your company, if you don’t do a little research and question employees about how satisfied they are with their managers; and it is very difficult to increase employee productivity if you know nothing or very little about the habits and time of your staff.

We live in a data-rich world…

Daily we consume terabytes of information without even realizing it. And most importantly we enjoy the fact that we can access this load of information, and feel uncomfortable if there’s a lack of it.
So, if technologies give us the opportunity to collect data on pretty much everything, why not use it in everyday work life? E.g., to improve staff's efficiency.
The most comfortable and efficient way of collecting information about employees' time is time tracking. But there are two types of such: manual and automatic.
Manual usually requires some time to get streamlined and consume the least amount of working hours. However, automatic time tracking collects data without human interaction and makes it accurate.

Why does accurate data matter if you want to increase employee productivity?

1) It eliminates guess work

If you are making any decisions based on guesses, then your business will not live for a long time. Or it might somehow survive, but it won’t achieve the expected results and earn as much as wanted.
Same with employee productivity. How can you be sure that the changes you implement will be efficient? Only if you have data about the current state of employees’ productivity and decide on the changes taking it into account.
Not only you eliminate guess work, but you also save valuable time by implementing the right decisions right away.

2) We live in the world of multiple distractions

There’s email here, a meeting there and phone call waiting for you. There are so many distractions that come in the way of our productivity. So, we need a tool to help us capture everything we do to be able to look back at our work day/week and see what there is to improve.
One of the tools that allows doing that is Yaware.TimeTracker, which automatically records the time spent working at the computer and evaluates productivity.
Each employee can look at their statistic and detect their time-eaters, see how they spend time offline, and so, optimize their working hours to improve efficiency.

3) It makes all employees even

Let’s face it, manual data recording has a room for fraud. Some employees might add up hours and leave earlier, or arrive later. Seeing such behaviour demotivates the others because it remains unnoticed, and the violators receive the same payment.
If time and attendance data is collected automatically, all employees are even. Everybody’s time is clear and transparent. So, everybody gets rewarded fairly.

In conclusion…

Accuracy is always important. So, if you are ready for changes and want to increase employee productivity, check out Yaware.TimeTracker and do some research first.  See what pushes employees off balance and then decide what you can do about it.

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