Keeping track of time is one of the most important and simplest things that you can do to make your business and employees more successful. But if you choose the wrong way of tracking time, it can become burdensome and take even more of your and employees’ time.
To avoid that, step away from old ways of tracking time and move on to the next level – time tracking software.

Manual time tracking does not work for everyone

Manual time tracking could be a good way of tracking time for individuals, but for a company it is a hassle. It takes a lot of time to collect the information, process it and then approve it. It requires a lot of paperwork and creates room for data entry mistakes, as all the information about employees work has to be transferred to the computer.

Why would you need a time tracking software?

If you want your business and employees to be successful and efficient, you have to posses an accurate data about their performance.
For example, it is important to know whether employees use their time efficiently or not. Or who your best and worst performers are, in order to praise the work of the first and help the second improve.
So, instead of manually collecting all the papers and then transferring them to the computer, analyze the information that is already in your computer.

What are the benefits of time tracking software?

Helps to allocate unutilized software

The reports that a time tracker generates for you, allow to see which software and applications your employees use the most. If you use some applications on a paid subscription basis, you can know if the money you pay for it return in profit. If it is unutilized, you can save money by suspending your account.

Improves employee productivity

Time tracking helps to make time visual and that way more manageable. When employees see the exact distribution of their time, it is easier to allocate the time losses and unproductive activities.

Calculate paychecks faster

How much time does it take to get ready for payroll? If you pay by the hour, time tracking can help you to significantly reduce the time spent on preparations and eliminate human errors and time fraud.

Which business areas can benefit the most from tracking their time?

Essentially, the are business for which time tracking software would be the most relevant. In particular. they are businesses that actively use computers and Internet to run and promote their business. So, here are some of the businesses that can benefit from tracking their time:

  1. Software developers;
  2. Outsourcing companies;
  3. Online retailers;
  4. Marketing agencies;
  5. Freelancers;
  6. Call centers;
  7. Tour agencies;
  8. SEO companies;
  9. Media companies;
  10. Consultanting companies.

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