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When there’s no opportunity to find in-house or qualified employees in your area to complete the project outsourcing is not only the single option that you have, it is also the best option.
Along with being the best option, there are certain challenges that pop up. Like keeping track of remote employees’ work.
So, in this article we will talk about occasions when outsourcing is the best option and how time tracker software helps to stay connected with your remote employees.

When outsourcing is the best option?

If you want to increase productivity

Consider how much time it would take to complete a task in-house and then compare it to the time needed to complete it through outsourcing. Most likely the second option is more efficient.
The reason for this is that the remote employee is 100% concentrated on a single task that you assigned. While in-house employees often multitask, which causes delays.
Working on multiple tasks employees are being counter-productive because they switch from one activity to another to check their progress. And then it takes some time to remind oneself what s/he was intended to do next.
So, through outsourcing you free up the time of your in-house employees for new activities and increase the quality of the eventual result.

If you have to meet the deadline

When you have to meet the deadline outsourcing is the best option. You wouldn’t want to turn your client down, simply because you don’t have enough staff to complete the project, would you?
So, outsourcing enables companies to compete for more projects than their in-house staff could handle. You would do that you if you knew that you have a network of remote employees that you can rely on, wouldn’t you?

If you want to save money

When people think of outsourcing, they most often picture the citizens of a third world working for substandard wages. However, it is not the case for today’s world.
Companies outsource the work to high-priced employees and consultants or even let them run a specific business process. Seems even more confusing, huh? Why hire a high-priced remote employee it is cheaper to finish the work in-house.
However, if you examine your labor costs, you will be able to understand how outsourcing can reduce costs. You might have to pay a higher per hour rate, but often there’s no need to allocate funds for social security, insurance and additional equipment like laptops, tables, chairs, etc.
So, examine those factors and you will understand if outsourcing is the best option for you.

How to make the most out of outsourcing with time tracker software?

Agree that it’s difficult to visualize the work of remote employee/s only by the eventual results. The process also matters. Using time tracker software, you can easily check their progress, see how employee/s use the working time and give feedback about their work.
Time tracking is also beneficial for you when calculating the payroll. If you pay by the hour, then you will know the exact amount of time that employee spent working on your tasks so that you can write accurate paychecks.
But time tracker software is also useful to employees. If you use Yaware.TimeTracker then you give your staff a tool to stay accounted for their time and maintain their productivity regardless the place they work at.


Outsourcing is a wise decision when you need to reduce costs or if you want to improve the workflow of your business. And with time tracker software you can easily make the most out of it.

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