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Who wouldn’t like to save a couple of hours a week? That is one of the main reasons why companies decide to implement time tracking apps.
Time tracking application helps to avoid data entry errors, time fraud, detect unutilized software, etc. But choosing the right software can be quite a pain in the neck.
The market is so rich, but you can’t choose the first application that pops up in the search. So, here are three questions that you should ask yourself when choosing the time tracking app.

Will the software work for my business?

What features does the software offer and do they match the needs of your business?
Before going online, make a checklist of desired features and follow it as you go through websites.

Is it easy to use?

It is easy to build a time tracking application that is difficult to use. Just pack it with numerous reports, and you’re done!
The drawback: any software that is hard to use, quickly turns you away.
You should spend minimum time figuring out how to start using the time tracker. And so do employees. So, choose an application with simple, intuitive interface in order not to spend time learning how to use it.

Is trial period available?

What do you do before buying a cell phone? You hold it in your hands, go through the apps and evaluate how you like it.
Same thing works for a time tracking app. You can understand if you want to use on a daily basis, only after you try it. The best way to tell if any software or gadget is easy to use and works best for you is to try it before buying.
Make sure that the trial version provides the same features as the full version. Just check if all features match the list on the website.
When going through a trial, make notes. Thus, you will find an easy time tracking application for yourself or your company.

Bottom line

These simple questions will help you to choose the best time tracking application that will benefit both you and employees.
Check out Yaware.TimeTracker – a simple web-based time tracker that automatically tracks time and builds reports for you and your employees.

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