Very often, IT specialists are pictured or imagined doing nothing at work except for playing computer games or leisurely surfing the Net. This could be true only if all the aspects of computers and networks worked perfectly and no one among their coworkers needed help with any software.
In reality, everything looks not just different – it’s totally vice versa. Usually, IT department’s daily agenda is loaded with the amount of work that would be enough for a week. They are constantly busy installing new hardware and software (plus updates), maintaining employee computers in a good shape and dealing with hundreds of user issues that turn up (those eat up a huge amount of time). Moreover, they are responsible for the proper Internet access on all computers, the functioning of an intranet as well as a company website. All in all, an IT pro can hardly find time for anything but work.

Why IT pros will love a time tracking app?

A time tracker app is a solution that can help the IT people improve their time management skills and organize their work more effectively. However, the news about installing a new piece of software company wide will hardly make them jump for joy.
In fact, a time tracking service like Yaware.TimeTracker is something IT department will love. No wonder, since it’s got a number of benefits that are hard to resist:

    • Quick and easy installation – 20 mins max.

Even if there are hundreds of computers in the company, thanks to the built in Yaware Network Setup wizard, the time tracker can be installed on all of them at once in no time.

    • Free automated updates for major OSs.

Whether your company uses Windows, Linux or MacOS to operate the computers, the time tracking app works well on each of them. What is more, there is no need to spend time on manual updates since the software installs them automatically.

    • Centralized configuration

The time tracking tool can be configured company wide within one interface, with no need to change the configuration on each computer. It’s also possible to use different productivity settings for separate departments or even individual employees with a few clicks.

    • Installation on a terminal server

This helps to track the work time correctly even if an employee is using more than one computer for work.
Clear offline activity picture for the IT specialist.
Even if there’s the need to leave the computer to assist a coworker or attend to a malfunctioning hardware, offline activity tracking will record this time, leaving no ground for blames in doing nothing.

    • Effective time management

By accessing the personal time tracker data, every employee can detect what eats up most of their time. This can help IT department guys prioritize the tasks and optimize those taking up too much time.

Wrapping up

If you are still not convinced by the list of benefits a time tracking app offers, it’s high time you checked it out by yourself. It’s easy and free for 14 days, so register your account right now and get going!

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