Best and Worst in Online Time Tracking Software

Online time tracking software is a great piece of software if you’re looking for ways to improve the performance of your employees and increase their output.
But rumor has it that time tracking software has more disadvantages than advantages. Let’s see if it’s true.

What are the disadvantages of online time tracking software?

Employees might take it as a surveillance software

Time tracking software is often thought to be used for surveillance. Naturally, employees are afraid that their privacy will be violated.
How to fix it: before implementing, talk to your employees. Explain why you want to start using this tool, which aspects you’re going to track and how you’re going to use the data.

It’s too hard to remember to track time

Using a manual time tracking tool might be a hassle. It’s kind of a trouble when you forget punch the clock, get lost in time, and when it’s time to stop, you have no idea how much time it took you to finish the task. Even if you employees can manually enter the time, it distorts the accuracy of data.
How to fix it: use automatic time tracking software that silently runs in the background and captures every minute of employee’s work.

What are the advantages?

You get comprehensible reports

Time tracking isn’t just about monitoring. It’s about taking actions.
Time tracker provides a set of reports that allow to analyze the performance. Once you can analyze it, you can improve it. See how often your company holds meetings, what apps or websites take the most time?
Done with analyzing? Now take actions!

Hassle-free Human Resource Management

Companies get much more flexible with schedules and the way they work. It is a great privilege if you can have a flexible schedule at work or telecommute from time to time, when necessary.
But tracking time and attendance of such employees becomes more complicated.
Not with online time tracking software. E.g., Yaware.TimeTracker allows to track the start and stop time, and working days of employees with flex schedules and then revise the information when necessary. So no work day or hour will not be lost.
Yaware.TimeTracker is easy to install on remote computers, so you can see what the employee is occupied with.

Let employees monitor their time too

Look for a time tracking software that provides reports to employees as well, e.g., Yaware.TimeTracker.  
First of all, you give employees control over their working time. Second, you give the opportunity to increase their workplace productivity.
One can find out that s/he spends a lot of time on email or any social media website while it doesn't have any specific value for the work.

Streamline the payroll process

How would you like it if took your HR and accounting department to get ready for payroll faster? Online time tracking software makes it possible.
What you need to get payroll done is the days and time worked, right? With a centralized system, HR managers can just filter through the system and get all the necessary information much faster. Then they can just pass to the accountants and payroll is done!


As you can see, online time tracking software has more perks that disadvantages. So why not get started right now?

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