What is a modern office nowadays? Most likely an open-space place that’s very live and noisy. And full of distractions.
All the liveliness and rush are the result of all the processes that run the office. But unfortunately, some of them may hinder the overall productivity if you don’t “update” them on time.
So, here are some of the ways that employee time and attendance software helps to update and improve typical processes, making them a lot more efficient and time-saving.

How does employee time and attendance software change your office?

You will get ready for payroll faster

Simply imagine the following situations:
1) An accountant has to go around the office to collect the last time cards that s/he needs to start calculating the payroll. Or your employees have to bring them to the accountant’s office, which actually might take longer. Then begins the long process of going through the timecards, entering the data and sending it all for approval.
Sadly, our brain works this way that the more information we go through, the more mistakes we make. So, the chances are high that even a professional can make a mistake processing big amounts of information.
2) Now imagine that all the data that an accountant needs is already in the centralized database, and the timesheets are automatic. The data is accurate and is much easier to share and approve.
The accounting saves loads of time that can be devoted to other important activities.

You will manage time and attendance easier

With employee time and attendance software, there will be no need to carry on with manual ways of tracking.
The system will automatically record the time of the beginning and the end of the working day, breaks for lunch, meetings worked and missed days.
With Yaware.TimeTracker you get automatic timesheets that require minimum interaction. All you have to do is just set the amount of time that employee has to spend working at the computer and specify the schedule. The software will do the rest of the job.
The great thing about time and attendance tracking software is that you can customize it as close to your needs as possible.

You will increase productivity

Except for simplifying the HRM management, with employee time and attendance software you also get a chance to increase the productivity of your staff.
Using Yaware.TimeTracker you get an automatically assessed productivity of work at the computer of each employee. The principle is simple: the time tracker divides all websites and software that employees use during the day into productive, unproductive and neutral.  And then using the collected info build a report like this one:

employee time and attendance software
Report “By employee”

You get a clear vision of employee productivity and can decide whether it needs improvement or not.
In addition, every employee can see the same report in their personal statistics and so see the time eaters, apps and websites that hinder productivity.


Employee time and attendance software can help you change the office to better and make it a more productive place. So, get started right away and find out what you can improve within your company.

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