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Being a company CEO is not only lucrative but also very challenging and demanding. In the dynamic business world, one’s got to put in much effort just to keep up. Developing the business and leading it to growth and prosperity requires the CEO to be always ahead of time and tendencies, constantly learning new skills and taking advantage of the innovations.
Surely, doing so without any help can sometimes mean no life outside the business, but is it worth the price this high? There are tools capable of taking a part of the heavy load off the CEO’s shoulders, and one of them is a time tracker app. Taken its name, the idea about any help from this software except for monitoring employees’ work time usage might sound weird. But you definitely are aware that “Time is money”, and “Information is power”. Isn’t it the software that tracks the former and gives you the latter worth the attention?

What problems can a time tracker app help the CEO with?

Staying focused on the important

Top managers know how hard it can be to stick to their previously compiled agenda in view of multiple emergencies, unexpected issues, lengthy meetings that absolutely require their presence and participation. Nevertheless, with a time tracker, you’ll be able to deduct which of the activities are most disruptive and time-consuming and work out the solution so that they didn’t stand on your way to handling the priority tasks.

Saving costs and increasing productivity

To succeed in the modern competitive surroundings, CEOs are under constant pressure to cut down spendings or direct them to strategic rather than routine expenses. Improving work efficiency is one of the ways to do so, as a set number of employees will be able to manage the increased amount of work and the need for new hires will be smaller, as well as salary expenses. A time tracker app not only evaluates the productivity of each employee in particular and department or company-wise. It has the potential of boosting their efficiency by showing exactly where the time goes and helping pinpoint and reduce distractions.

Finding the talents

It is people that build your business, and finding the right ones makes the task not only plain easier, but more enjoyable, too. To ensure that the bright and clever candidate would fit the position and bring value to the company, a time tracker can come in handy. It will provide the information on overall discipline, productivity and persistence of an employee based on the hours worked, attendance reports, websites and software used and breaks taken. This can help shorten the probation period and make your recruiting more efficient.

Retaining valuable employees

Even if you’re lucky to have found the right people for your company, it’s just half of the success. They tend to quit unexpectedly and go elsewhere. The money reasons are frequently far from the top. But employees who feel overworked and underappreciated, working under stress or in a company with a poor culture eventually leave. With a time tracking app, it is easier to detect employees who are close to being burnout or having too heavy workload. Also, analyzing the websites visited, you can detect those already searching for the new job and react appropriately.
With a time tracking app, it is easier to detect employees who are close to being burnout or having too heavy workload. Also, analyzing the websites visited, you can detect those already searching for the new job and react appropriately.

Fair rewards for all employees

Introducing a time tracker arms you with data to operate with when assigning rewards or different types of punishments for your subordinates. For instance, its productivity ratings will show who is the most diligent and efficient in the company/office/team and who wastes too much time for personal matters. This will be an extra motivation concentrate on their work and achieve more for all your staff.

Dealing with distractions at the workplace

If you’re worried about the amount of work time your employees spend using their smartphones, hanging out in social networks or playing online games, time tracker is one of the most effective means of handling this issue. Instead of blocking unproductive resources, it helps keep their use under control and count each minute spent on non-work related resources. When used in moderation, they can help employees to relax before switching to other tasks.

Introducing innovative work modes

Many companies all over the globe use freelancer’s work, let their staff work from home or, at least, have a flexible schedule. This not only helps save the office costs but also engage talents from different ends of the world and work when the productivity is at its peak. A time tracker app eliminates risks connected with people not being present in the office under supervision. It tracks all the time they spend at the computer and provides reports, so you’ll know for sure what percent of the time was billable and how much was used for other activities. The screenshot feature will also help track the progress of certain projects or check the person’s presence at the computer.
Surely, upon implementing a time tracking tool like Yaware.TimeTracker you will be able to add more challenges to this list that it helped you out with. Meanwhile, you can start using it by filling in a short (really) sign up form – it’s totally free for 14 days, and check out the benefits it can bring to your business.

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