Want to Monitor Employees Using Simple Time Tracking Software?

So you've decided to monitor employees using time tracking software.
Inspired, you start “surfing” the Internet in search of a simple time tracking software, that is user-friendly and is rather cheap.
And that's where the fun begins. The internet abounds with time tracking programs. That's why it's difficult to choose the right one.

What you should pay attention to before you buy time tracking software?

1. Trial

There's no need to explain this. Nobody wants to buy a pig in a poke. Therefore every self-respecting developer gives the opportunity to get acquainted with the program for free.

2. Fast installation and implementation

A simple time tracking software application must be installed quickly and easily.

3. Simple and accessible interface

Everything is clear here. The program should be easy and convenient to use.

4. Features

Few features is bad. Too many features is not better. A time tracker that has 2 or 3 features is not suitable. A time tracker that's packed with features that you will never use is even worse.
The most important features that you should look for are:

  • monitor computer and Internet usage;
  • monitoring total worked time;
  • monitoring employee productivity;
  • overtime monitoring;
  • control work violations;
  • control of absenteeism.

5. Quality service and technical support

Technical support should immediately respond to any questions. You can test the tech support during the trial period by asking a few questions and rating the speed and quality of responses.

6. Regular reporting

It is important to regularly receive reports on the work of employees in order to respond quickly to them. Some programs offer daily, weekly or monthly reports, and some allow to monitor employee activities in real time.

7. Work on different operating systems

Not all companies use Microsoft Windows. So it is important that the program works on other operating systems such as Linux and Mac. Mobile apps are also important so check this is supported on IOS or Android.
When choosing something, it is important to know exactly what you're looking for and have some criteria to follow.
Try Yaware.TimeTracker – a simple time tracking software that provides a good set of features, provides only necessary reports and allows to monitor employees anywhere.

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